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Every month we’ll help you find ways to bring the farming lifestyle into your backyard, garden, kitchen and community! Roll up your sleeves and get dirty!
Curious about cattle? Grass-fed, grain-fed, corn-fed ... really, what's the beef with our BEEF? We dish up how cattle are raised and "finished" from the farm to your plate, plus great cooking tips for keeping your grass-fed beef tender and juicy.

Captain Planet is more than just a favorite TV show of the 90s! This superhero foundation impacts communities across the USA by providing hands-on agricultural education programs for kids and grant funding for schools. 

Are you curious about chickens, or planning to raise a few in your own backyard? With quirky personalities and plenty of benefits, chickens seem like an ideal outdoor pet but there are a few things you might not know about these delightful feathered friends.

Grapes are great - we all know that, but did you know that not all grapes are equally delicious? Here are 5 fast facts about grape plus some news about new varieties on the market. Sweeter, juicier and so beautiful that they dress up any food occasion!

What's the scoop on composting? Don't get all flustered about it. It's as easy as pie - er, well, dirt! In fact, you can start a compost in your backyard anytime during the year. Read on!

Concrete Jungle is a non-profit in Atlanta run by two hip, young guys: Aubrey Daniels and Craig Durkin. They catalogue fruit trees across the city, coordinate volunteers to pick ripe fruit, and donate what they’ve found to local shelters and food banks. Read on to learn what inspired them and how it all works.

Planning to pick up a chicken for dinner? We review common and confusing labels and misleading marketing to help you buy the best bird.

Farmers are in high demand now more than ever — they'll need to produce as much food over the next 40 years as they have in the past 500! So roll up your sleeves and get digging in your backyard, your community or even on your own farm and get involved with farming. 

These common kitchen scraps are far from useless! Before you toss them to the trash, we show you how to use leftover peels, potatoes and more to beautify your home, grow your garden and even nurture your skin.

Kimberly Coburn is a real farming enthusiast! This hands-on girl developed a Crop Mob chapter spreading across four cities in Georgia to support hardworking farmers across the state by pairing them with enthusiastic and passionate volunteers.

Why are subjects that should be so simple often so overcomplicated? Recycling is one that often leaves us scratching our heads! Whether you're a relentless recycling or a green newbie, we have some great tips and facts to help you sort through this subject, simply!