Introducing the NEW Peri & Sons Farms' Sweet BBQ Bloomer Onion! And you can WIN A GRILL!

Summertime and the livin's easy! Well, it is with the new BBQ Bloomer Onion kit from Peri & Sons Farms! Known for their flavorful, delicious and healthy colossal onions, this family farm has now packaged their very own special BBQ seasoning blend to help you create a healthy alternative to the fried onion. Try this delicious recipe – and some amazing sauces, and while you're at it, enter to WIN A GRILL from the BBQ Bloomer Onion website! Let's get grillin'!

Cheers to the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2017!

What a wonderful weekend full of food, fun, and farm-fresh cocktails! Along with some of our produce friends, we served up five different cocktails - with fruits and veggies, of course! I also was responsible for moderating a fantastic panel with a few FAMOUS CHEFS. Read on to find out how Farm Star Living and I rocked this year's Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2017!

Potato Power! Tips, Trivia and Recipes!

Think you know all about potatoes? Think again! In this blog, we have some surprising health facts, helpful cooking tips, and yummy recipes for you to try. We're sure you're going to learn something you didn't know about potatoes!

A Healthy and Perfect Snack that was 100 years in the making!

March is National Nutritional Month and I wanted to highlight something that is easy, accessible, and very healthy for you. I thought that this one fruit, with its low glycemic index and its high flavorful impact, would be the perfect go-to snack for this month, and in all months actually. Let’s look at what 100 years of California growers hard work, combined with the Sunsweet expertise, has delivered with the exceptional D’Noir Prune. This is a whole new approach to a prune, and it’s worth being on this week’s grocery list.

Holiday Happiness with FLOWERS!

Flowers can make the house a home and can lift a mood more than chocolate! Ok, that may not be exactly accurate, but it sure does make people happy, feel more relaxed and interactive and simply adds life and color to your surroundings. Check out how Ball Horticulture's flower maven Lourdes Reyes and international floral trend-setter and stylist Pieter Landman transformed the holidays for us at this holiday affair in Atlanta, Georgia!