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What is a Farm to Table restaurant?
A restaurant that is based on the local food movement and sources food primarily (or exclusively) from local farmers, whether it is produce (fruit or vegetables) or protein (poultry, pork, beef, fish).

Why are these restaurants included?
The restaurants found below are included because they offer fresh food grown or raised by their nearby local farmers or in some cases, the chefs themselves. Ranging from casual to fine dining, these restaurants support their local farms — typically sustainable, often organic and with food grown with extra TLC!
Here are three hot spots that we feel are worthy of your attention! Roll up your sleeves and dig in!
Barley Swine - Austin, TX
Committed to serving small, sharable plates, craft beers and fine wines with big flavor from fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, the menu at Barley Swine is constantly evolving. The restaurant presents an innovation menu using creative techniques and artistic plating which sets a modern yet fun tone for the restaurant.
Husk Restaurant - Charleston, SC
Chef Brock operates his restaurant with one rule: "If it’s not from the South, it’s not coming through the door." He crafts his menu based on ingredients available that day, because he is on a mission to rediscover the flavors of the South and all it has to offer our palates. On top of the local ingredients featured in the menu, Husk also has its own garden where heirloom grains and vegetables are grown. All of these fresh ingredients are utilized to create dishes that are modern but still boast the traditional and delectable flavor.
J.G. Domestic - Philadelphia, PA
The second Philadelphia venture of Chef Jose Garcas, J.G. Domestic is located in the lobby of the Cira Centre and believes in serving the best possible ingredients in their meals, most sourced from Garcas' own 40-acre Ottsville Farm. The contemporary American-style cuisine features influences by Garcas' own Ecuadorian roots. Diners can enjoy dishes such as the salmon Panini, fried green tomatoes, duck fat French fries, and the restaurant's popular bourbon beignets.
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