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What is a Farm to Table restaurant?
A restaurant that is based on the local food movement and sources food primarily (or exclusively) from local farmers, whether it is produce (fruit or vegetables) or protein (poultry, pork, beef, fish).

Why are these restaurants included?
The restaurants found below are included because they offer fresh food grown or raised by their nearby local farmers or in some cases, the chefs themselves. Ranging from casual to fine dining, these restaurants support their local farms — typically sustainable, often organic and with food grown with extra TLC!
Here are three hot spots that we feel are worthy of your attention! Roll up your sleeves and dig in!
Blenheim - New York, NY
The Blenheim experience is a unique one that goes above and beyond the term "farm-to-table." Owners Morten Sohlberg and Min Ye split their time between being restauranteurs in Manhattan and working alongside their full-time farm staff at Blenheim Hill Farm. Lettuces, herbs and vegetables from a year-round hydroponic greenhouse, rare and heritage meats and local honey make their way from the 150-acre farm to the Blenheim kitchen, where Executive Chef Justin Hilbert transforms these ingredients into creative, elegantly rustic plates.
Flipside - Brunswick, ME
Like organic? Like local? How about pizza? If you answered yes to any or all three of those questions, then it's time to head on over to Flipside! Sister restaurant to El Camino, Flipside is committed to supporting organic agriculture and Maine's local farmers in the most delicious ways possible and, like El Camino, is creating food with a conscience. Diners can build their own pizza with a wide variety of locally-sourced and organic toppings, or choose from several specialty pizzas like the Flippin? Camino with smoked chicken, caramelized onio
Biga Pizza - Missoula, MT
At Biga Pizza you can enjoy casual but delicious dining. All of the food is made from scratch and sourced from your own local farmers and its hard to rival the homemade dough made in Biga's brick oven. Biga keeps it fresh not only with the local ingredients but also through the inventive ways they utilize them. Find out what pumpkin tastes like as a pizza topping or opt for something more traditional like the Sicilian with its Italian sausage and mozzarella. Either way, you are sure to leave Biga's satisfied!