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What is a Farm to Table restaurant?
A restaurant that is based on the local food movement and sources food primarily (or exclusively) from local farmers, whether it is produce (fruit or vegetables) or protein (poultry, pork, beef, fish).

Why are these restaurants included?
The restaurants found below are included because they offer fresh food grown or raised by their nearby local farmers or in some cases, the chefs themselves. Ranging from casual to fine dining, these restaurants support their local farms — typically sustainable, often organic and with food grown with extra TLC!
Here are three hot spots that we feel are worthy of your attention! Roll up your sleeves and dig in!
Crush - Seattle, WA
The award winning cuisine at Crush is created to reflect the seasons and create a sense of place: a modern taste of the Northwest. Between two mountain ranges and at the center of the Puget Sound, Crush cuisine mirrors the urban setting surrounded by the abounding Northwest wild. The restaurant supports artisan producers, foragers, growers and fisheries.
beast + bottle - Denver, CO
beast + bottles relationships with local purveyors bring ethically raised and responsibly harvested meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fish and shellfish to the plate. The “beast” refers to the restaurant’s appreciation for the whole animal, utilizing all parts to honor its integrity. The menu changes based on what ingredients are available and what the kitchen is inspired by. What remains constant is a steady focus on sustainability and versatility of ingredients.
Local 121 - Providence, RI
Local 121 prides itself on providing customers the best each season has to offer. They make it their mission to serve the best locally raised foods available. Their suppliers are small-scale New England farmers, cheese makers, and other food artisans they know by name! They serve dinner, lunch, brunch and feature an extensive wine and cocktail menu. 
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