Dean Williams

"Fear is a motivator - I'd have to find another job in an office doing something I don't want to do, maybe have to move somewhere else, and that makes me want to be successful."

AGE: 29
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Corn, soybeans, rice
FARM LOCATION: Bastrop and Bonita, LA


  • Music: James McMurtry, older country music like Hank Williams, JR., '90s alternative — Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots.
  • Food: Raw oysters and crawfish are two favorite foods. Also steak, potatoes, pizza!
  • Drinks: Don’t drink alcohol — gets me too wild so I don’t drink. I like Dr. Pepper, Cokes.
  • Blue Jeans: Bullhead.
  • Thing to do AFTER work: Like to play golf all the time, watch football, gambling on football.
  • Tractor: My fave tractor is the 8420 John Deere.
  • Mantra: Fear is what keeps me going, rather than a mantra. I have so many obligations. I just want to live the way I want to live and be successful. Fear is a motivator — I’d have to find another job in an office doing something I don’t want to do, maybe have to move somewhere else, and that makes me want to be successful and drives me. I want this to work out so I give it 110% so I know it will work out. So far so good!

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