Jenni Harris

"It's a lot of hard work. Finding the hard-working, good honest people is a must, because you can't do it alone. If you don't love it, then don't try this at home."

Joe D'Amico

"I always say that there should be a President who's a farmer. Farmers deal with diversity all the time. They get it done. They take risks. I believe one would be great as a president."

Scott Horner

"The overall lesson I've learned in farming is no matter what, even in the middle of when you're failing at farming... it always works out somehow. Each season is amazing in its own way."

Eugene Cooke

"All around us there are plants that are here to help us, and we won't know that unless we immerse ourselves in nature."

Eva Worden

"In order to be a successful farmer today, you need to know all that occurs in the urban and modern world - as well as a full skill set for rural living and working with your hands."

Alex Weiser

"I was very surprised by how happy people become after eating food that tastes like it should and how it impacts them from their mouth to their soul."

Meryl Kennedy

"More women are in the industry than you'd realize, but it's still a male dominated world. I think I might add a little spunk to the mix!"