Falling for Fowler Farms' Apples!

Farm Star Living Founder Mary Blackmon recently spent a weekend in upstate New York, at Folwer Farms' apple orchard! Read about how she's falling for Fowler Farms' apples here...

The Sunsweet® Story

Some of the largest farm brands are actually comprised of a group of family farmers, and Sunsweet® is just such a brand. Founded in 1917 as the California Prune and Apricot Growers Association, their cooperative serves as a marketing group to offer their crops to the public under the brand name "Sunsweet". And what they've done for plums, mangoes, cherries and more is, pardon the expression, plum SWEET!

Peri & Sons' Farms

Peri & Sons Farms is rooted in a heritage of earth-friendly farming and land stewardship that spans back three generations. They passionately believe that growing their onions in a natural, clean, safe and responsible way now will lay a healthy and economically sound foundation for generations of farmers to come; which is exactly what they’re planning.

Bailey Farms' Farm

Bailey Farms is a small, family-run operation that started from humble beginnings in 1989 when Randy's Dad had to sell off everything in fall of 1989 as part of a bankruptcy. Don't worry – there was a new day and a new way in sight!

Well-Pict Berries

In Watsonville, California, Well•Pict Berries supply premium, proprietary variety strawberries and raspberries, available today in both organic and conventional lines all-year round! Get to know how this farm operates, and how these berries are some of the sweetest tasting fruits you will find this summer!


You've seen their tomoatoes at your local grocery store and loved their intense, juicy, sweet flavor. But did you know that NatureSweet® tomato seeds are not genetically modified? That they are actually naturally selected for their flavor and taste? Oh, yes! Now we are taking you behind the curtain to see what's happening at NatureSweet®!

Buzzin', Bloomin' & Brewin'

Let us introduce you to Plan Bee Farm Brewery! This NYC couple packed it up and moved upstate to start this ground to glass operation in Fishkill, NY. With two beehives on premises, this ambitious, creative pair is brewing ales with intriguing names like Chocolate Rye, Tiny Acorn and Santa’s Big Helper. Some batches of their local beer are so unique, that they may never be made again!

63rd Street Farm

63rd Street Farm is located in Boulder, Colorado, where they spend their time growing food, friends and making their dreams a reality. Underneath the beauty of blue skies and with a grand landscape of the Rocky Mountains, they have created a special haven for the community, not to mention they provide farm-fresh goodies for everyone to enjoy and cherish. Let’s see what they are growin’, cookin’ and enjoyin'!

Pomaika’I Lucky Farm Bed & Breakfast

White sandy beaches, blue water, rushing waves, exotic flowers, birds, and tropical fruit – That is what you’ll find at Pomaika’I Lucky Farm Bed & Breakfast in Captain Cook, Hawaii. This unique farm stay offers a beautiful experience on a macadamia nut and Kona coffee farm.