Take the Challenge of GoodBelly Health – and SAVE $$$, too!

Recently I have been on antibiotics, and it has been strongly advised to take some probiotics. Yet even without being on antibiotics, I have always known that if your stomach and intestines aren't in great shape, you won't be either. It's our 'core' and is absolutely essential to our overall well-being. So, I knew that there's one company that takes this health seriously – in fact, it's all that they do! It's been one of my go-to's over time, and again especially now – GoodBelly. How appropriate, right?

Love Beets and Win a GRILL!

I met this company at a produce show two years ago, and I was amazed at how fantastic these beets tasted – seriously fantastic. No joke! This started my love affair with Love Beets – as I had never had seen or tasted beets prepared in any of these way – and I have to share them with you, too!

"It's just not another slice of bread!"

I was shopping for groceries with a friend, and she commented on the bread I was buying. She asked what sprouted wheat bread meant? And I realized, I'm not even sure! I just know that it's good for you. Why? I had no idea .... so I put my detective hat on and...

Fig Bars – not just for snacking anymore!

We just love Nature's Bakery fig bars so much that we decided to figure out other fun and creative ways to use them in the kitchen! Check out some of the appetizers we made with them – pretty unique, if we may say so ourselves!