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What’s the deal out in the fields? Get to know farm visionaries, learn how cities are bringing the fields into the concrete jungle and dig in to see what issues farmers face.
Get to know Capt. Anthony Marchetti of Rappahannock River Oyster Co. He's improving the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay by reintroducing heritage breeds of oysters in the water. Join us as we explore the sustainability and environmental benefits of farming this delightful delicacy.

We sat down with Chandler Van Voorhis, founder of GreenTrees®, to learn about carbon credits and how farmers — and the environment! — can benefit from reforestation, the intentional restocking of forests. 

Urban farms and gardens are serving cities and communities across the USA. From east coast to west, the world of agriculture is blooming and fueling our cities.

This time of year the Sweet Potato takes center stage - as it should! This once overlooked veggie now often sweetens up the Thanksgiving table and brings the perfect amount of that warm & fuzzy feeling over the holidays. But did you know the dirt on them?

Farm-to-school is a nationwide movement connecting schools, students and local farms. We talk with one of the foremost experts and advisors in this booming nationwide movement and learn how these efforts are changing our schools - and helping educate our children to more healthy ways of living.

Freshly brewed beer made with the freshest, local ingredients is the next major foodie trend sweeping across the USA. We look into what it takes to brew local beer, who is doing it right and why fresh really is best.

These award-winning, certified naturally grown North Carolina bee farmers have been raising bees for ten years and truly love what they do. Their hives pollinate Carolina farms and produce a wealth of goods beyond honey. Read on to learn their inspiration and why bees are so important.

The farm-to-school movement is sweeping across the nation, but programs often differ from state to state. See how these 5 schools' programs differ but all serve their students beautifully - from fish-to-school, Scratch Kitchens, Garden of Wonders and more!

We reached out to 10 different farmers, from different areas of the country and different kinds of farms, to shed some light and tell us, in their own words, what they do to care for the earth by protecting and improving soil health, water and air quality and how they interact with local wildlife. 

We sat down with these hysterical farming brothers who are "dropping farm fresh beets" and are making waves on YouTube with their fantastically funny farming spoofs of hit songs.

Community gardens are sprouting up all over the country and the benefits are numerous. The Yellow Tractor Program gives us the scoop on how these gardens are growing green goodness to share in communities all over the country!

This small but mighty 18-acre farm in Carpinteria, CA grows plenty of greens chemical-free. We get the scoop from co-owner and farmer Romeo Coleman on the challenges farmers face and what he has to say to you! 

You'll find the expansive family-owned Kenter Canyon Farms in Ventura County, CA, growing greens, heritage wheat and raising chickens. We chat with farmer Nathan Peitso about the challenges and joys of farming. 

Weiser Family Farms is nestled in the rolling hills of beautiful Tehachapi, California. We chat with Alex Weiser about his farming lifestyle, favorite moments and why it's so important for restaurants to source locally and seasonally. 

We chat with Phil McGrath of McGrath Family Farm in California about his farm's history and his passion for educating people to eat seasonally, locally and organic food. 

Dillwood Farms in Georgia has a bustling CSA program and sources to restaurants across Atlanta. We chat with young farmer Seth Hancock about the farm's history and his favorite part of the job. 

The Farm Mobile, run by Riverview Farms, swings through Atlanta each week with farm fresh foods and artisan goods. We chat with one of the masterminds behind the Farm Mobile, Charlotte Swancy, about the vision and inspiration behind the traveling farm. 

We chat with Russell Johnston, dairy farmer and owner of Johnston Family Farms in Georgia about his healthy and happy cows — they even have their own personal nutritionist! 

We chat with Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in Georgia who raises animals with a tremendous focus on husbandry and stewardship. They've taken their farm full circle, back to the way it started in 1866, giving up hormones, chemicals and pesticides in the process. 

Whether you’re a local lover or a conventional shopper, we break down the benefits of joining the farm-fresh food movement and subscribing to a CSA (community-supported agriculture).

You might not yet know this pro farmer, but he grabbed our attention with his new book Gaining Ground. Full of humorous farm tales, it surprised us and the literary world! We couldn't wait to hear more.

Who knew a tiny bug could cause such widespread devastation? We talk with one farmer about this foreign invader and his battle to save our citrus.