Meet 3rd-generation family farmer David Peri. He inherited his family's passion for farming and expanded his family farm into a business operation now spanning two states. As a boy, David was more often cutting school to help his family in the fields, and he simply can't imagine life anywhere other than 'on the farm.'

"Start small, don’t overwhelm yourself! Do a really good job at that and then grow, once your foundation is set and solid. Do what you say you will do, follow through and be honest."

"No matter how you look at it, organic is an investment in yourself and your local economy. That money recirculates back into local economy 7 times, versus only twice when you spend on conventional products."

"People need to remember that there's all kinds of negative things in the news - food safety issues, etc., but as a whole the US has one of the most abundant and safest food supplies in the world. We need to remember that."

"We are constantly taken aback by how supportive restaurants and customers are. It blows us away and holds our spirit together."

"Pay attention to where your food comes from. It is important that you support your local farmers. It is vital for your community, because without farmers in your region, life is coved in concrete."

"There are all kinds of reasons for hesitating or being ambiguous. All kinds of reasons, but it's really just taking that risk to make it happen."

"Everyone must find their own satisfying way of life; and appreciate what people in other occupations do to provide the freedom to pursue whatever they wish to do."

"Fear is a motivator - I'd have to find another job in an office doing something I don't want to do, maybe have to move somewhere else, and that makes me want to be successful."

"Everyone has to eat and farming is necessary for survival. Being thoughtful about where your food comes from and how it is handled during the process is just as important as how nutritious or delicious it is. Have a connection with your food - it’s worth it."