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Farm Star Living

Nels Timmothy Rogers

"I may be a small farmer, but I have the strength and passion to grow my medjool dates. I may be a small farmer and not have a ton of money to advertise like the big companies, but I have the best looking and quality of Medjool dates in the industry. I may be a small farmer, but I have my own packing house and my own box."

Tom Nunes

"My father has said, "The most important ingredient that you can put in a crop is your shadow." You have to be there everyday. You can be the smartest guy in the world but if you're not there everyday, you're going to miss something. You have to be there - if even to make the decision to say or do nothing."

Lily Morgan-Cohill

"My advice is to do it because you love it. Do it because you're passionate. Do it because you want it. The large fortune is your happiness that farming brings you, that's the only reason to ever do this kind of work..."

Ricardo Crisantes

"All produce comes from a farm, and there's always a story behind any produce item you pick up. Be it a tomato, potato, cucumber - there's always a story behind it."

Peter Navarro

"We are doing the absolute best we can - day in and day out, year in and year out. We do our very best to deliver a clean, healthy product. That's always been our intention, and it always will be."

Joe D'Amico

"I always say that there should be a President who's a farmer. Farmers deal with diversity all the time. They get it done. They take risks. I believe one would be great as a president."

Scott Horner

"The overall lesson I've learned in farming is no matter what, even in the middle of when you're failing at farming... it always works out somehow. Each season is amazing in its own way."

Eva Worden

"In order to be a successful farmer today, you need to know all that occurs in the urban and modern world - as well as a full skill set for rural living and working with your hands."