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Farm Star Living

Alex Weiser

"I was very surprised by how happy people become after eating food that tastes like it should and how it impacts them from their mouth to their soul."

Meryl Kennedy

"More women are in the industry than you'd realize, but it's still a male dominated world. I think I might add a little spunk to the mix!"

Grant Bardin

"I've learned, in farming, that if someone is struggling with anything always lend them a hand."

Dylan Bardin

"I love farming, but I always wanted to serve my country. So my brother and I just went into the USMC, but I know we'll farm again."

Allen Spires

"The crop in a field is the same thing as money... and you have to sleep at night knowing that you have a lot of money outside!"

Brittney Miller

"Everyone has to eat and farming is necessary for survival. Being thoughtful about where your food comes from and how it is handled during the process is just as important as how nutritious or delicious it is. Have a connection with your food - it’s worth it."

Charlotte Swancy

"Pay attention to where your food comes from. It is important that you support your local farmers. It is vital for your community, because without farmers in your region, life is coved in concrete."

Mandy O'Shea

"We are constantly taken aback by how supportive restaurants and customers are. It blows us away and holds our spirit together."

Steve Whitmire

"Everyone must find their own satisfying way of life; and appreciate what people in other occupations do to provide the freedom to pursue whatever they wish to do."