One thing I’m passionate about is creating a home environment that inspires peace, harmony and that de-stresses me. I hate to say it, but mine hasn’t always been very, well, relaxing! For years, I have had a work-from-home environment, and at times it was Grand Central here – especially when I was just launching Farm Star Living nine years ago! I often had up to eight people working in my living and dining spaces, which was not so conducive to either my balance OR harmony!

I ended up moving to my current home, but after a year or two there, I found it to be rather dark. For some reason I just felt, well, a little bit 'heavier' versus lighter in my step! I knew things had to change, so I began making changes, but at some point, I have realized that there is truth to the saying. Your home can affect your mood, your positivity, and some even say your health!

No surprise, I’ve been learning more about the correlation between how your home environment can affect your whole way of being, and your overall feelings – of success, abundance, health, and …. potentially even your luck.

I have been interested in Feng Shui, which is the Chinese art and science of placement used to create harmony, balance, and positive flow of one’s environment, and it has been around for thousands of years. Literally, it means wind and water – the two most basic elements of life force energy, or chi.

Kate MacKinnon, whose lecture I just listened to as a part of the curriculum at Integrative Institute of Nutrition, is a well-known and highly regarded Feng Shui expert and consultant, a featured TEDx speaker (on yet another topic she's expert in), and the ideal person for us to talk to about Feng Shui.

I had an inspiring talk with Kate and was so inspired and motivated, and she said she'd share some FREE TIPS with us all, included below!

According to Kate, creating balance, flow, and harmony is the key to creating positive energy, which in turn can indeed create positivity, which helps to create good luck.

"We say intention is everything, and the way your home flows reflects your own intentions, and your own inner world. My work is to help create a nurturing, healthy environment to support what people truly want in their lives.”

Kate goes on to explain that the whole idea of Feng Shui is creating a flow of healthy energy within your entire space – to have this energy circulating throughout your entire home. She says to think of the dancer on a stage; and in the same way that a good, choreographed dance will cover the whole stage at some point, the flow of the home is the same way. It goes all over -– flowing and moving into all of the spaces. When your space is in flow, this will create a positive energy in your entire home, and that invariably leads to a healthier, ‘luckier’ way of life for you, too.

“When it’s not in flow, I don’t see things as creating ‘bad luck,’ but I find that there may be real areas of your life – and also your home – where you might have what’s called dead or negative energy. These are places where you may be stuck, or stagnant, in your life. That’s what we then need to transform by creating a steady flow of positive, healing energy in your home.”

Kate often finds these pain points when she works with her clients, as their personal struggles or stresses invariably come to the surface through intimate discussion. Many times, people come to her when they are in transition, and often there will be some area of their lives, whether conscious or subconscious to them, that is conflicted, unfocused, or stuck. Kate works with them to identify the areas of the home that are also out of alignment, with stuck or dead energy, and then they work together to ‘unblock’ the home.

This typically serves as a catalyst for inspiring much more change though. While Kate focuses on unblocking energy in an ‘external’ sense – within the home, this indubitably seems to have an effect on someone’s internal world as well, opening their own personal energy and lives up, too. Kate finds that when the positive and healthy energy flow through one’s home without any more blockage, things always seem to shift and transform in actual life as well!

Kate finds helping others find transformation through Feng Shui to be her life purpose.

“I do what I do because of the positive changes that happen in people’s lives. I hit the point where the energy is blocked, like acupuncture, which releases blocked energy and transforms that, and then watch people come to life! They often then make major changes – sometimes with what they’ve been doing in their careers or often in their personal relationships, and new unexpected opportunities just seem to arise fairly quickly.”

She says that after this process, often people might increase their earnings, find new clients, move to engagement or marriage, meet their ‘soul mate,’ change their careers and land something more fulfilling, and feel more abundant. That sounds like creating good luck to me!

Kate explained a recent transformation she witnessed. “I worked with one couple where their marriage was very strained, and there was so much stress in their space just in bad shape. By the time they finished doing the work on the home, they were enjoying doing things together and as a family, her career was taking off, and the whole energy of the whole family had shifted. Literally, it was night and day. That’s the power of the work and why I do what I do.” She finds that we all have some understanding of where we may be blocked, where we need transformation, and a better balance and flow. However, often we just don’t even know where to begin - or even how! It can be overwhelming, and it is real actual work to do this.

For those of us who want guidance, Kate lends us her expertise, compassion, and motivation, and she knows that each time she works with a client, she will ultimately help someone create a dream life.

“I am blessed to have the life I have, and the partner I have, and at times I can’t believe it. But I worked really hard to get this. I got clear on what it was that I wanted, and I set my intentions on what felt right for ME.” She went after it and attained it, and finds joy in now helping others.

Kate added that by shifting the energy in our homes, we all can create better alignment within ourselves and ultimately find our own true fulfillment, our own true ‘North.’

“I think that’s when we are happiest… when we become in greater alignment with who we are and who we are meant to be. I believe that this happens when we are in alignment with both our outer and inner aspects – within our home and within ourselves.By creating peace in our environment, we create peace within ourselves, and ultimately peace in the world.

Things are so different now, because of Covid, of course; and I find for the first time in a long time, I am not having a bunch of people here anymore. Just this little lady who often bosses me around. I am able to focus on my own home – and its ‘energy' has truly become better and so much more inspiring! I have been having a personal lifestyle shift as a result, too, and so I plan to keep decluttering and following the tips I’ve learned – one step at a time.

If you are interested in having some expert help, feel free to contact Kate directly if you would like to have her assistance! In the interim, enjoy her free tips below. They are a great start for us all!


Clear the Clutter: Like clots in arteries and veins, clutter is thought to cause stress and raise blood pressure.

A cluttered home or workspace impacts your relationships, pocketbook, physical health, stress level, and peace of mind.

Look at your surfaces, your cupboards, drawers, closets, and desk. You probably have a lot of “stuff” -- things you don’t use, haven’t gotten to, or don’t know what to do with. Ask the questions: Do I still use this? Am I hanging onto it for sentimental reasons? Why am I afraid to let it go? Are you afraid one day maybe you’ll need this again? Just clear clutter from one drawer or cupboard at a time; it will make a huge difference.

Check Entrances and Hallways: Problem doors could contribute to joint diseases like arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Doors are the entryways into your home and rooms, but even more important, they’re entryways of chi. When there is clutter in the entryway or hallways, chi is blocked.

You should make sure that doors close properly, doorknobs are not loose, and that hinges don’t squeak.

Examine The Plumbing: Plumbing represents the flow of prosperity and love in your life.

Leaks in the plumbing cause a serious drain of chi from your home. Moving water symbolizes prosperity in feng shui; thus, plumbing represents the flow of prosperity and love in your life and you certainly want both of those working in your favor.

If you would like more free tips you can click on this link, or even want to potentially consult with her about your own home, visit her website for more information!


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