I started Farm Star Living as I felt we should consider our farmers “stars,” just as we have so many of our chefs! Hence, our endearing term for farmers – Farm Stars™! I’ve learned so much over these seven years, but I wanted to share what I’ve realized and learned about our farmers.

I’m going nuts over nut flour! They are my new go-to for some of my most favorite recipes.  You’ll love cooking and baking with these new, healthy nut flours, too.

Happy holidays to my fellow foodies! This year I found a few great stocking stuffers that are unique, delicious and artisanal and special for your holiday parties or your 'special someones'.

If we all had a crystal ball and could tell our future, would we ever believe what would lie before us? One young man, forty years ago, had a dream and a passion and a lot of grit. Who knew that forty years would pass so quickly and what would be in store for him, and for so many others that shared his vision and passion.

We know that life is stressful, so what better way to unplug and unwind than by spending some quality time on a farm! Here you can have some great fun with your friends and family, and recharge those worn out batteries. These Farm Smart Tips from Farm Star Mary will help you maximize your day!