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The heart is arguably the most important part of the human body - our hardest working muscle. Sadly (and scarily), cardiovascular diseases claim more lives than all forms of cancer combined, so naturally we should be pretty concerned with keeping it healthy and happy, right? Right!

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Each New Year brings exciting trends that reel in the foodies and delight industry experts. 2016 will be no different as we begin to see the rise of new superfoods and a craving for more local and sustainable products. This year, we at Farm Star Living have done the fishing for you, and we’ve compiled a list of ten food trends to look out for in the upcoming year.

These elegant Sunsweet® appetizers are the perfect way to begin your holiday feast. They are not only easy to make and delicious, but they are also not bad for you! Have you and your family indulge in decadent appetizers without feeling guilty about it afterwards!

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The small town of Milan, Ohio will set the stage for the third annual Roots Conference on September 21 and 22, where farmers, chefs and food enthusiasts from around the world will put their heads together to solve some of the toughest problems that our food industry faces today.