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We celebrate our USA farmers as Farm Stars! Get to know these farmers and better understand what farming is really like through their eyes and words. You’ll be surprised!
Joe D'Amico
“I always say that there should be a President who’s a farmer. Farmers deal with diversity all the time. They get it done. They take risks. I believe one would be great as a president."

NAME:  Joe D'Amico

AGE: 34

HOMETOWN: Avondale, PA



Mandy O'Shea
"We are constantly taken aback by how supportive restaurants and customers are. It blows us away and holds our spirit together."

AGE: 34

HOME TOWN: Richmond Hill, Ga

FARM NAME & LOCATION: 3 Porch Farm - Comer, GA

FARM TYPE / CROPS: Fruit and flowers, certified naturally grown

Tim Brod
"There are all kinds of reasons for hesitating or being ambiguous. All kinds of reasons… but it's really just taking that risk to make it happen."

AGE: 56

HOME TOWN: South Norwalk, Connecticut

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Highland Honey Bees – Boulder, CO

FARM TYPE / CROPS: Bees & honey

Nels Timmothy Rogers
Nels Rogers - "I may be a small farmer, but I have the strength and passion to grow my medjool dates. I may be a small farmer and not have a ton of money to advertise like the big companies, but I have the best looking and quality of Medjool dates in the industry. I may be a small farmer, but I have my own packing house and my own box."

Name: Nels Timmothy Rogers

AGE: 65

HOME TOWN: Yuma, Arizona

Currently Lives: Yuma, Arizona on the family farm.

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Marthas Gardens Medjool Date Farm located in Yuma, Arizona

Tom Nunes
"My father has said, “The most important ingredient that you can put in a crop is your shadow.” You have to be there everyday. You can be the smartest guy in the world but if you’re not there everyday, you’re going to miss something. You have to be there – if even to make the decision to say or do nothing."

Name: Thomas Marten Nunes, aka T5, as he is the 5th Tom Nunes

AGE: 38

HOME TOWN: Salinas, CA

Currently Lives: Salinas

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Nunes Vegetables, based out of Salinas, CA

Lily Morgan-Cohill
"My advice is to do it because you love it. Do it because you’re passionate. Do it because you want it. The large fortune is your happiness that farming brings you, that’s the only reason to ever do this kind of work..."

NAME: Lily Morgan-Cohill

AGE: 56

HOME TOWN: Henderson, Colorado

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Lily’s Farm Fresh Skin Care in Henderson, Colorado

FARM TYPE / CROPS: Medicinal herbs – flowers, herbs

Ricardo Crisantes
"All produce comes from a farm, and there’s always a story behind any produce item you pick up. Be it a tomato, potato, cucumber – there’s always a story behind it."

Name:  Ricardo Crisantes

AGE:  41

HOME TOWN:  Mexico

Currently Lives:  Nogales, AZ – since ’99 for 15 years, part of Southern AZ

FARM NAME & LOCATION:  Wholesum Harvest – Amado, AZ (25 mins from Nogales) Sonora, Mexico of the border … 40 mins. And one in Culucon, Mexico

Peter Navarro
"We are doing the absolute best we can – day in and day out, year in and year out. We do our very best to deliver a clean, healthy product. That’s always been our intention, and it always will be."

Name: Peter Navarro

AGE: 51

HOME TOWN: Watsonville, CA

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Here in Watsonville, CA’s Pajaro Valley

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Navarro Farms, Watsonville, CA

Jenni Harris
"It’s a lot of hard work. Finding the hard-working, good honest people is a must, because you can’t do it alone. If you don’t love it, then don’t try this at home."

NAME: Jenni Harris  

AGE:  27

HOME TOWN:  Bluffton, GA


FARM NAME & LOCATION:  White Oaks Pastures, Bluffton

Scott Horner
"The overall lesson I’ve learned in farming is no matter what, even in the middle of when you’re failing at farming... it always works out somehow. Each season is amazing in its own way.”

Name: Scott Horner

AGE: 43

HOME TOWN: Latrobe, PA

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Small Potatoes Farm; Paonia, Colorado

FARM TYPE / CROPS: vegetable farm, sustainable farm, market farm

Steven Tomlinson
"What makes me happy is just the silence, peacefulness and connecting with the earth."

NAME: Steven Tomlinson

AGE: 33

HOME TOWN: Skillman, New Jersey

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Great Road Farm in Skillman, NJ

FARM TYPE / CROPS: Wide diversity of vegetables, pasture raised chickens.

Michael Hicks
"Be able to live simply, but live your highest vision."

AGE: 38

HOMETOWN: Bedford, Indiana

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Living Roots Ecovillage – French Lick, Indiana

FARM TYPE / CROPS: Farming Community/ vegetable, fruits & herbs

Eugene Cooke
"All around us there are plants that are here to help us, and we won’t know that unless we immerse ourselves in nature."

HOME TOWN: Cerritos, CA

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Good Shepard Agroecology Center, Atlanta, GA

FARM TYPE / CROPS: Seasonal produce, native medicinals, fruit trees

Eva Worden
In order to be a successful farmer today, you need to know all that occurs in the urban and modern world – as well as a full skill set for rural living and working with your hands.

NAME: Eva Worden

AGE: 45 

HOME TOWN: Coral Gables, Florida 

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Worden Farm – Punta Gorda, Florida

FARM TYPE / CROPS: organic produce – seasonal varieties

Anne Cure
 "You don’t need a huge amount of space to grow food for a village."

AGE: 36

HOMETOWN: Huron, New York

FARM NAME & LOCATION: Cure Organic – Boulder, CO

FARM TYPE/CROPS: Diversified organic vegetables, pastured meat, flowers

Alex Weiser
 "I was very surprised by how happy people become after eating food that tastes like it should and how it impacts them from their mouth to their soul."

AGE: 49

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles

FARM TYPE/CROPS: Seasonal, root & specialty root vegetables, fruits, flowers, potatoes

FARM LOCATION: Tehachapi, California & Lucerne Valley, Bakersfield

Meryl Kennedy
"More women are in the industry than you’d realize, but it’s still a male dominated world. I think I might add a little spunk to the mix!"

AGE: 24
CROPS: Rice, Soybeans

McClendon Williams
"I hope people don’t have all preconceived notions about how or who farmers are, especially when from a particular area. A lot of us are pretty enlightened!"

AGE: 22
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Corn, soybeans, wheat

Larry Williams
"My favorite thing about my wife is that she’s so understanding with the amount of hours and time I have to spend on the farm."

AGE: 53

HOMETOWN: Born in Brinkley, AR– 50 miles outside of Memphis and 50 miles from Little Rock

FARM TYPE / CROPS: Rice, wheat, soybeans and corn


Jamila Norman
"I tell people at the market that you can pay us or you can pay a doctor. At the end of the day, it's cheaper to pay us. It's worth it."

AGE: 34
HOME TOWN: Atlanta, GA in the historic West End neighborhood
FARM NAME & LOCATION: Patchwork City Farms in Atlanta, GA
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Certified naturally grown greens, root vegetables, fruits

Heath Bardin
"I think farming is the purest way to get into nature. You have a lot of time to introspect yourself and analyze what you want to do to better your life."

AGE: 26
HOMETOWN: Sterlington, LA
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Primarily rice and corn, soybeans

Grant Bardin
"I've learned, in farming, that if someone is struggling with anything always lend them a hand."

AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Sterlington, LA
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Rice, corn, and sweet potatoes
Currently serving a 4-year term in the USMC

Dylan Bardin
"I love farming, but I always wanted to serve my country. So my brother and I just went into the USMC, but I know we'll farm again."

AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Sterlington, LA
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Sweet potatoes, rice
Serving USMC since August 2011

Dean Williams
"Fear is a motivator – I’d have to find another job in an office doing something I don’t want to do, maybe have to move somewhere else, and that makes me want to be successful."

AGE: 29
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Corn, soybeans, rice
FARM LOCATION: Bastrop and Bonita, LA

Cameron Molberg
"No matter how you look at it, organic is an investment in yourself and your local economy. That money recirculates back into local economy 7 times, versus only twice when you spend on conventional products."

AGE: 31
FARM NAME & LOCATION: Coyote Creek Farm in Elgin, TX
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Organic, pasture-raised eggs, organic feed for livestock

Allen Spires
"The crop in a field is the same thing as money... and you have to sleep at night knowing that you have a lot of money outside!"

AGE: 22
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Corn, soybeans
SCHOOL:ULM, agribusiness