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In honor of Earth Day this year Farm Star Living wants to inspire and help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle! We are giving away 10 fab prizes from companies that are truly doing their part to leave this world better than they found it!

This quick, easy, and healthy recipe makes for the most elegant and delicious appetizer! The way it assembles together, anchored by an easy cream cheese mixture, makes for a beautiful presentation!

If you’re like me, you’ve browsed through the produce section of the grocery store, seeing one label after the next, and yet not having a clue to who’s behind that label! Well, let’s peel it off and take a peek at who is behind one brand that I’ve seen forever! I did that with Spice World, and I had my eyes opened. I think you will, too!

Use our handy farm to table finder to locate all the hotspots in your city. Over 800 restaurants across the USA! Click here to begin you search!

With Earth Day this month, we are looking at those people making a difference to our Earth and environment. These people have dedicated their lives to living in connection with the Earth by establishing their own villages, their own systems and way of life. And you can go visit if you’re interested! Groovy, right? Welcome to the world of Ecovillages.

Something about these teas just makes me feel, je ne sais quoi, sophisticated!

And, of course, they make me feel über healthy. Here are some teas that pack the flavor and health – in your cup. Read more.

PLUS SO MUCH MORE! Roll up those sleeves and get diggin'!