After recently viewing the documentary "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" on Netflix, I was captivated by its exploration of identical twins embarking on contrasting vegan and carnivore diets over an 8-week period. While the reveal of their results was intriguing, what truly resonated with me was the intimate glimpse into the farming practices behind the meat and seafood industries. It was absolutely eye-opening, and even though I knew of this from years before, something about where I am in my own personal life has made this resonate even more deeply.

Witnessing the conditions of pig farms, chicken coops, and salmon fisheries shed light on the urgent need for improved food and farm systems. It stirred within me a profound sense of responsibility to advocate for change – for systems that prioritize humane treatment, justice, and compassion for all living beings.

This eye-opening experience has fueled my determination to lend my voice and platform to the movement for a more ethical and sustainable food industry. By championing practices that uphold the well-being of animals, farmers, and consumers alike, we can strive towards creating a world that is healthier and more harmonious for all. This is not a political fight, as to me, this is to gain a deeper understanding how we can still have a world where we are all nourished but in a more humane, sustainable way.

You will find that I'll be interviewing more companies in the world of farms and food who are taking this stance to heart and creating awareness – and change. So, I hope you'll keep your heart and minds open to anything new and different that we share, as I think education is key, and opportunities for us all to have even better, more humanely sourced, sustainably grown foods, will only improve the world now and in the long-term.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs in all great things in the world of farms & food! If you know of any organizations, companies or associations that are doing great things that I should know about or interview, email me:


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