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Current & Past Sponsors


Limoneira has been in business of sustainably growing its lemons, including its own pink lemons! Yes, they are indeed pink and flavorful! We've visited their ranch, which is beautiful and home to so many families of people passionate about their business.

Love Beets

Launched in 2010, Love Beets has been giving new meaning to these delightful, purple vegetables! Creating an upbeat, contemporary look and feeling for the tasty, ready-to-eat beets, this Pennsylvania company takes pride in their work, staying true to their roots!

Springer Mountain Farms

These pasture-raised, organic chickens make chicken taste the way they should! No factory raised chickens found here, Springer Mountain Farms Chicken works with family farmers that you can feel good about supporting. Finally a chicken tastes the way it should, without any preservatives, hormones, antibiotics - and organic.

Sun World Sun World is showcasing its incredible grape collection and unique varieties, all grown with care on their vineyards in California. The grapes are seedless, juicy, large with a slight crunch when you bite into them and taste superb. And, we can vouch! Mary has picked them off the vine and eaten them on the spot. Check out her video while there!
To-Jo Mushrooms The D'Amico brothers carry on their Dad's tradition of growing mushrooms - and all varieties - in their Pennsylvania headquarters. You can feel good about the mushrooms you're adding to your meals, as they supervise this process 7 days a week! Not to mention, mushrooms a great way to add more Vitamin D to your diet, as it's the only vegetable that really packs the punch!
Wada Farms Since 1943, the Wada Family has been growing famous Idaho potatoes - they've been in business for over 70 years! After moving to Idaho from California, the family decided to cultivate potatoes on 160 acres of rented land, eventually becoming what Wada Farms is today. The rest is history!
Well-Pict Berries Well-Pict works with family farmers who have been growing for them throughout their careers. These raspberries and strawberries are so fresh, ripe and juicy, we understand why it's called well-pict! Not to mention, it's pretty impressive how dedicated their farmers are to making sure these fruit are perfect!
Wholesum Harvest These organically grown vegetables are a labor of love. The family owned business has been growing organically for over 20 years in their greenhouses, showing that this hands-on, supervised and controlled process can produce some of the most flavorful tomatoes and veggies you'll ever put in your mouth! Plus they are Fair Trade certified.
Harney & Sons This elegant tea company has graced us with providing fabulous healthy tea-time options! Whether you're shopping online or in the grocery store or even staying at a glamorous hotel, you've seen this premium tea brand!
Foxy Produce You've seen this brand on many of your favorite vegetables in the grocery stores. Organic BroccoLeaf, organic varieties of cauliflower as well, and countless other produce items. Family farm owned!
Spice World This family of farmers have been producing garlic for generations and has become one of America's most requested garlic brands. Many varieties, many products, but all have one thing in common – exceptional garlic!
Nature's Bakery We can't get enough of their fig bars from this leading healthy snack brand!
Boiron This homeopathic trend-setter has become one of the most popular brands you'll see in stores. Whether you're seeking Arnica Gel or Calendula products, we love what they do and the natural ways they do it!
Sunsweet Prunes aren't just for snacking, although their prunes have the most sweet, delicious flavor we've ever tasted! We've cooked with their prunes, even given away a 3-month supply! See why we love them, and we bet you will, too!
MRM Supplements are an important part of a diet, and MRM is one of the leaders in the field. Check out their variety of supplements to keep you at your peak performance!
Hereford Beef Certified Hereford Beef is a tradition that goes back centuries. Today's ranchers are able to continue to raise cattle that provides the steak that was prepared for kings.
Alvarado St. Bakery Sprouted grain experts, Alvarado St. Bakery offer varieties of some of the best, healthful bread that you'll put in your mouth! They're so good for your sandwiches, toasts, and the sprouted grain offers that extra healthful mouthful that is even better for your health! often found in the freezer department.
Good Belly od Belly is one of the most beneficial probiotic companies on the market! With its juices, 'shots,' and variety of delicious products, Good Belly can help get your belly in good health!
Lane Orchards This family farm has been producing delicious peaches that make Georgians proud to be in The Peach State! With its orchards that have been carefully cultivated over the decades and generations, Lane Orchards offers a variety of foods – including pecans, too. Seeking the perfect peach and pecan pies, look no further!
Bailey Farms Bailey Farms is a family affair growing peppers, peppers, peppers! From the mini bell pepper aka the BellaFina Peppers to their hearty jalapeсos, Bailey Farms showcases its pepper passion proudly!
NatureSweet® Tomatoes Non-gmo tomato grower NatureSweet knows how to deliver delicious varieties of tomatoes year-round. Fresh from the greenhouse, NatureSweet provides some of the most flavorful and beautiful varieties of tomatoes from their hand-selected seeds. Always in season, always delicious.
ProSource Produce Potatoes fresh from the farm! ProSource Produce knows what it means to grow potatoes, and they've been doing so in Idaho for sometime now. A multi-generational family at the helm, they've provided their expertise and applied their education to every crop they produce. When you buy from ProSource, you know it's from their farms!