"The crop in a field is the same thing as money... and you have to sleep at night knowing that you have a lot of money outside!"

"I love farming, but I always wanted to serve my country. So my brother and I just went into the USMC, but I know we'll farm again."

"I've learned, in farming, that if someone is struggling with anything always lend them a hand."

"More women are in the industry than you'd realize, but it's still a male dominated world. I think I might add a little spunk to the mix!"

"I was very surprised by how happy people become after eating food that tastes like it should and how it impacts them from their mouth to their soul."

"In order to be a successful farmer today, you need to know all that occurs in the urban and modern world - as well as a full skill set for rural living and working with your hands."

"The overall lesson I've learned in farming is no matter what, even in the middle of when you're failing at farming... it always works out somehow. Each season is amazing in its own way."