Recently I visited The White Lodge, far from the Cabo fast pace and hidden within the dirt roads at the tip of Baja, Mexico. For an authentic, 'off the grid' and healing experience, this is a must-see. Solar power operated, no TVs but wi-fi, this is a place that sets the stage for renewal … mind•body•spirit. Courtesy of sister website Farm to Wellness Retreats.

Recently I had an experience unlike any other. I savored cacao seeds that have been passed down for 2500 years to the families of Mayan heritage in a remote area of Mexico. This ritual corresponded with the Temexcal, a ceremony offering a rebirith of the mind•body•spirit. Courtesy of sister website Farm to Wellness Retreats.

Me-time is something you can do in many different ways. Here are some ideas to consider whether you want to stay at home or venture out!

Elevate your mind•body•spirit through a retreat into the rainforest AND the beach! The One&Only Mandarina Resort is just the private, hidden and exclusive destination to immerse yourself into tradition and culture, as well as quintessential relaxation. Your whole body and soul will thank you for it. Read on!

Ok, so your tank's empty. We get it, and yet why do we all relate so well? It's time to understand that we can, and we should, prioritize time to make our lives more grounded, more fulfilled, and feel refreshed. Here are three ways that are easy and yet surprisingly able to turn things around.

Now that it's spring, it is time to renew your home with some organizing and cleaning! Here are some tips, and inspiring products, to help you take your spring cleaning to new - and healthy - heights!