Want to lift your mood? Build your immunity? Feel more relaxed? Aromatherapy oils have become essential to so many of us – soothing moods and lifting spirits. However, not all oils are the same, nor do they all have the same effects. Meet one man who has made it his quest to create the best, purest oils by creating a global farm network.

Ah, meditation. Why is it useful, and how can it help you embrace the love in your life? Selena Lael, one of the meditation teachers I have discovered through the app Insight Timer, shares her expert tips and insight on how meditation can transform our lives. Plus, get a free download of her meditation from Insight Timer.

Having a healthy life is having a fulfilled life, and sometimes we need to work a bit harder on grasping our hopes and dreams. I turned to a professional known for her classes on "Manifesting Your Intentions" for her advice and tips on how we can all have more dreams realized – and even greater love.