Health Benefits:

Aids in weight loss
Anti aging
Combats fatigue
Fights depression
Helps cure dysentary
Helps prevent night blindness
Improves hair skin and nails
Increases stamina
May reduce risk of cancer
May reduce risk of heart disease
May reduce risk of stroke
May regulate heart rate
Prevents sinusitis
Promotes heart health
Protects skin from UV rays
Provides energy
Reduces risk of prostate cancer
Relieves constipation


Serving size: 1 medium; Calories: 22; Fat: .2g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 6mg; Carbs: 4.8g; Fiber: 1.5g; Sugars: 3.2g; Protein: 1.1g; Potassium: 8%DV; Vitamin A: 20%DV; Vitamin C: 28%DV; Calcium: 1%DV; Iron: 1%DV

Did You Know?

  • Studies have shown that men who consume 10 servings of tomatoes/week cut their risk of prostate cancer by 45%.
  • Tomatoes make for great skin care! Mash one tomato and one avocado into a facial mask. Smooth onto your skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. The tomato deep-cleans dirt and debris, while the avocado restores moisture. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat face dry.
  • In the United States, more tomatoes are consumed than any other single fruit or vegetable! The ripest tomatoes are harvested from the vine, chosen for their color, fragrance, firmness and weight so that they meet the expectations of even the most discriminating shopper. 

Ways to Eat:

  • Raw
  • Juiced
  • Pureed
  • Roasted 
  • Grilled
  • Sauteed

Farming Trivia:

  • California produces 96% of the tomatoes processed in the U.S.
  • The tomato is the most widely grown vegetable in the United States.
  • The heaviest tomato on record weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture says there are 25,000 tomato varieties.

Note: Always consult a physician for any specific health questions and concerns. Some of this information may be subject to change should there be any new findings from Federal Health Administration (FHA), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), American Medical Association (AMA), American Cancer Society (ACS), and / or other leading food, nutrition and medical advisors.