We met with two dazzling young women who are as passionate about flowers as we are. They are part of the BALL BUZZ, the fan club of Ball Horticultural Company, who have been behind the gorgeous flowers you find in stores coast to coast. See how they inspired us with their gorgeous, chic, yet simple arrangements for fall.

I wanted to give you a first-hand look at what's happening in the produce industry, as there is a new spring in its step. The evolution for traditional produce growers to move into organics is becoming more widespread, and many of you shoppers have expressed that you don't think that it couldn't have happened soon enough!

Ahhh, summertime. I love this time of year, but never long enough it seems. How many of us could use a few more hours in the day?! Unfortunately, I can't give you more time, but I can give you ways to save time. 

We know you lovely Farm Star Living fans give a darn about what you and your families are eating. But, are you certain you can trust the school cafeteria to feed your children the healthy foods they need?

We at Farm Star Living love a delicious and easy dessert, especially one we can bring to our next picnic! With the Fourth of July just around the corner, these apple bars with Fowler Farms’ juicy apples are sure to wow your friends and family!

Trying to stay up-to-date with the latest food trends, but aren’t sure where to start? Well the summer berries from Well-Pict and myself have got you covered! From power-bowls to your favorite cocktail, eating healthy for the summer has never felt so easy!

Check out our top picks for 2017 Summer Sparkles! Adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry, while doing something good for the earth and for others.

Summertime and the livin's easy! Well, it is with the new BBQ Bloomer Onion kit from Peri & Sons Farms! Known for their flavorful, delicious and healthy colossal onions, this family farm has now packaged their very own special BBQ seasoning blend to help you create a healthy alternative to the fried onion. Try this delicious recipe – and some amazing sauces, and while you're at it, enter to WIN A GRILL from the BBQ Bloomer Onion website! Let's get grillin'!