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TOUCHDOWN! Kick start your Super Bowl, and score points with these Top 5 Game-Changing, Meat-less Starting Line-up!! When serving these to your family & friends game-day, you are guaranteed a huge victory.

I LOVE chocolate, but I hate the guilt trip I get after I eat it. So it inspired me to do a little research and what I discovered was the golden ticket to happiness. I found out I can indulge in chocolate delight and it can be healthy and good for me! Read more to find out the secret AND see the amazing smoothie that we made for us all to try!

The New Year has begun and everyone is excited to see what it brings. Farm Star Living‘s Gypsy Rooster has looked deep into our mystical, crystal ball and has seen the future! Let’s just say, 2015 is THE year for great things and we can’t wait to see what unfolds!...

That time is here again! When you reflect on everything in your life and decide what you want to change, make a list of goals and think of all the fabulous places you’ll find yourself in the upcoming year! Here, at Farm Star Living, we have already begun the process of enhancing our lives and lavishing ourselves with rejuvenating, natural remedies! We spent all day laying out the foundation for good health for the year 2015 and want all of you to benefit from our tricks and tips!

A healthy start to the New Year includes a healthy start to the day. How about breakfast in bed for yourself, family or loved ones with these easy, good for you breakfast time recipes? What better way to give some TLC to the ones you care about and start their days off right – and their New Year!

Winter growing is still possible with greenhouses, and I am learning more and more about their benefits and wanted to share some of this info with you. More and more farms are using them, so I wanted to see what were the benefits.

Every year the Atlanta Les Dames d’Escoffier (LDEI) hosts an amazing event, called "Afternoon in the Country," in the beautiful countryside of Serenbe. This attracts Atlanta's best chefs, enthusiastic foodies and farm-fans alike to this inspirational, bucolic area of Georgia, where mixing and mingling over samples of amazing food, wines, cocktails abounds. Farm Star Living was there enjoying the food, fun and conversation.

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