We all come together to try to eradicate breast cancer, and we love how one of our favorite tomato growers NatureSweet is leading the charge. It inspires us, and we hope that it inspires you, too!

Wow - a classic breakfast is making a comeback! Just voted one of the tastiest hot cereal breakfasts by ChefsBest® and known for its whole grain goodness, Malt-O-Meal is a hot cereal that we wanted to stir up! Plus, see how we put a spin on it for a festive breakfast for the family!

These TIPS are intended to empower you and the ones you love to have the most healthy lifestyle possible – including reduce the risk of breast cancer. Being mindful about your lifestyle choices is a first place to start, and here are some great ways to help you walk on your own healthy path, courtesy of our friends at Peri & Sons Farms.

Want to spruce up your home, your office, your mood? We think the best way to do it is with flowers! But how, you may ask? Well, as you’ll discover just like we did, it is more simple than you may realize! International floral trend-setter Pieter Landman teamed up with Ball Horticulture Company in the Farm Star Living studio and taught us a thing or two! You won’t believe what we did with a whisk!

I recently went to the Southwest of France, where I had an organic culinary tour as well as a biodynamic wine tasting tour! You'd never believe how France brings your senses to a whole new level!

I just returned from the Organic Produce Summit, which was the place to be if you are into healthy living, organic food and food health. This event was the first one held in the produce industry and celebrates the growth of organic fresh produce across all channels - growers, retailers, buyers, and media.

July has arrived, and that means McIntosh, Gala and Ginger Gold apples galore –among many others! Some of our favorite apples come from Fowler Farms, a family-owned farm just south of Lake Ontario in New York. Having been in the business for six generations, Fowler Farms has truly perfected the art of cultivating apples, and currently, they grow over 23 varieties!