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I have been working on a health routine since the beginning of the year; and if you're like me, I can always use all the help that I can get! I am always intrigued when I come across a brand that knows what they're doing, and I found one that is creating all-natural, non-GMO, health supplements and ingredients to add to my green smoothies. Plus some products to keep on my bedside table!

We all discovered that this is not your grandmother's version of a prune. This D'Noir Prune is simply divine, and when we substituted dates for these elegant fruits, we had some appetizers that have made my personal Top 5 list. All you need is 5 minutes – max! See what we discovered.

This Valentine's, forget the sugar filled treats that you give every year and surprise your loved ones with these healthy alternatives that still show you care!

With Valentines Day right around the corner, let’s get intimate and talk about natural aphrodisiacs! These easy, delicious, and HEALTHY raw cookies and sure to get you going! ;)

TOUCHDOWN! Kick start your Super Bowl, and score points with these Top 5 Game-Changing, Meat-less Starting Line-up!! When serving these to your family & friends game-day, you are guaranteed a huge victory.

I LOVE chocolate, but I hate the guilt trip I get after I eat it. So it inspired me to do a little research and what I discovered was the golden ticket to happiness. I found out I can indulge in chocolate delight and it can be healthy and good for me! Read more to find out the secret AND see the amazing smoothie that we made for us all to try!

The New Year has begun and everyone is excited to see what it brings. Farm Star Living‘s Gypsy Rooster has looked deep into our mystical, crystal ball and has seen the future! Let’s just say, 2015 is THE year for great things and we can’t wait to see what unfolds!...

That time is here again! When you reflect on everything in your life and decide what you want to change, make a list of goals and think of all the fabulous places you’ll find yourself in the upcoming year! Here, at Farm Star Living, we have already begun the process of enhancing our lives and lavishing ourselves with rejuvenating, natural remedies! We spent all day laying out the foundation for good health for the year 2015 and want all of you to benefit from our tricks and tips!