Summer has finally arrived and that can only mean one thing...outdoor fun with friends and family. Craft, trendy cocktails are all the rage right now but you don’t need to go out to your local pub to entertain like a pro. So take out your swimsuits and enjoy a warm sunny day next to the water, sipping on one of these refreshing cocktails with tips from North Shore Living Herbs®. Follow along to bring out the Mixologist in you this summer!

Food safety is quite the hot topic these days, and for good reason. Consumer demand for healthy, fresh foods of the highest quality is increasing significantly, so farmers around the world are doing everything they can to ensure they’re providing just that.

We couldn't have opened our New Store -- Harvest, without all of our handpicked companies that we feel meet the Farm-to-Everything lifestyle! In honor of these amazingly great companies, we've chosen a few to showcase and spotlight one of their many awesome products!

Spring is in the air! The flowers are in bloom, temperatures are rising, and all you want to do is GO OUTSIDE! What do all outdoor activities have in common? They make you HUNGRY! We have the perfect on-the-go snacks for you - from SUNSWEET!

These days, women are more commonly being seen as the face of agriculture and are really making their mark on the industry. Women are helping each other and working together to create change in the world and on the farm.

If you're like me, you love the sense of positivity and joy that a beautiful vase of fresh flowers brings to a room. I just love to see fresh flowers in my bedroom, or on my living room table, or even on my desk. It just brightens up the room, the environment – and definitely my mood!

Farming is a way of life, and unpredictable and ever-changing weather can cause chaos for those who live that life. Heavy winds and rain, months-long droughts, extreme temperatures – all of these can ruin or delay growing seasons and cause a lot of extra expenses. All farmers hope to be able to grow and sell their crops, but what if Mother Nature doesn’t have the same plan?