At Sunlight International Sales, they grow healthy, natural grapes they're proud to share with their own families—and with yours! As one of the most trusted grape producers for major retailers worldwide, no one takes food safety and product quality more seriously than they do.

This September Naked Juice and Wholesome Wave are joining forces to bring fresh fruits and veggies to those in need. Read more to find out about this amazing cause and how you can become a part of it too!

We're looking closely at the incredible, edible EGGPLANT! We are going to share with you all of the things that you probably didn't know about this incredibly healthy, delicious vegetable, as well as a delicious recipe, and some inside scoop and tips – such as don't store them in the refrigerator! Are you ready for the inside scoop on the beautiful, extraordinary eggplant? We have gone to one of the premiere growers for some of the most interesting info on how the eggplant has evolved, including some helpful tips for all of us home cooks out there! Purple Pride has helped me get to the root of it all!

Not all onions are the same, and some that say they're sweet may not be as sweet as they should be. That's why these onions are selected by determining which seeds will be the sweetest! Then, after being hand harvested, they are put through an analysis process to determine if they have the perfect amount of sweetness to be worthy of bearing the Sweetie Sweet® label! See what makes Peri & Sons Farms onions something to celebrate, not cry over!

Calling all foodies! If you've not yet been to the Atlanta Les Dames d'Escoffier International's "Afternoon in the Country," you don't know what you are missing! The finest chefs in the Atlanta / Southeast region will be preparing signature dishes in the middle of Serenbe, the beautiful farm nestled in the countryside outside of Atlanta, Georgia. What is in store for you this year? Much more than you could imagine!

Vote for your favorite NatureSweet® Sunbursts™ Tomato Recipe starting August 1st for your chance to win $500 in the Back to School Sweepstakes!

Recently I have been on antibiotics, and it has been strongly advised to take some probiotics. Yet even without being on antibiotics, I have always known that if your stomach and intestines aren't in great shape, you won't be either. It's our 'core' and is absolutely essential to our overall well-being. So, I knew that there's one company that takes this health seriously – in fact, it's all that they do! It's been one of my go-to's over time, and again especially now – GoodBelly. How appropriate, right?

I couldn't resist making this NatureSweet® SunBursts Margarita, and it actually inspired some dance moves! Read the article and check out our video, and you'll see what I mean, but please don't hold it against me! I also enclosed two other recipes for summer eating that hopefully also will inspire you. As always, NatureSweet's seeds are all non-gmo, and their seeds have been selected because of their incredible flavor and overall great quality. Please read on!

Ever heard of stone ground wheat? How about ORGANIC stone ground wheat? There aren't many companies doing stone ground anymore, and especially not if they are ORGANIC! This company Great River Milling Company has one man that's been supervising the process for 32 years, and this grain isn't just your ordinary 'run of the mill' grain!

I met this company at a produce show two years ago, and I was amazed at how fantastic these beets tasted – seriously fantastic. No joke! This started my love affair with Love Beets – as I had never had seen or tasted beets prepared in any of these way – and I have to share them with you, too!