Recently I was sent a manuscript that my grandfather wrote describing the events that transpired for him to create this family farm. I literally read this in total surprise, as I never before understood the strife and challenges that were involved, as well as long-term vision and huge courage that was behind the move from NYC to Little Rock. Plus the 350 mile commute from Little Rock to the 'worthless' buckshot land that had no value, all because they had a dream, and a vision, even though it sure didn't look like it would ever come to be.

I have had a new, fresh start this year and prioritized my health and wellness. It is all part of my journey of 'farm to wellness,' and being in school is part of it! Here are a few things that I'm learning – and that I've struggled with. Maybe you can relate? Also, take a test to see how long you'll live!

Even small changes can make big and positive impacts on our environment – and especially on our oceans. There are new innovative ways that produce companies are taking us into new, healthier waters by changing the ways they deliver their goods. See how one in particular has made huge leaps forward.

This month we have pulled in all of the experts for some great tips and insight into how you can feel your most lucky! From good foods, recipes, to Feng Shui, morning routines and self-care, you'll find some great insight into how your day can be shaped into your feeling and being your most healthy!

Whether you're married, dating, or single, there's a great night ahead for you this Valentine's Day! Here is my plan for a delicious, fun and special night you can plan for yourself right at home!

I hope you'll enjoy this month's theme with wellness content featuring ways to bring more health and love into your life: self-love that is! How, and why is that so important? Plus some foods to benefit your health and a fresh, natural product to bring some positive 'attitude' into your daily routine!

If you are like me, you have been wanting more balance, less stress, more peace. That's what you will find here. Let me share with you my vision of farm-to-wellness for us all!

One way to feel festive is by having a delicious sweet treat on hand, and this is one perfect and decadent holiday goodie from a Mother & son duo from Pennsylvania. Their company? Sugar Plum - how perfect is that?!

Every year, I anticipate the mouth-watering strawberries that are absolute bliss – extra sweet, juicy, delicious and bursting with flavor. They're only available during the winter season, and grown by the passionate family farmers that comprise the Florida Strawberry Growers Association. I have visited with them myself and found the passion for Florida strawberries first-hand! What makes them special? Let's dig in!