"We can't deny the gift of our medicine to another."  Meet The Medicine Woman, as I just did at The White Lodge in Baja, Mexico. Using fresh indigenous plants, ingredients from the property itself, the Zenica spa relaxes ... and The Medicine Woman renews the spirit. Article courtesy of our new sister website: Farm to Wellness Retreats.

Part of self-care is allowing yourself to be pampered. However, when you are also receiving therapeutic benefits and actually improving your skin and body's health, then that's pampering at a whole new level. Welcome to the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort - the perfect spa and wellness retreat to heal and refresh.

Spas offer a way of healing unlike any other, and physical touch is the common denominator of everything you'll experience when you go to one. With Covid-19 putting on the brakes to this over the last year, how should we feel now about going to a spa? I asked an industry expert, insider and Director at one of the top luxury spas in the USA to give us the inside scoop.

Our face, just like our body, has muscles that we can strengthen to defy aging! However, this is much more of an inspiring story as well. Meet the lady behind the jaw-dropping (and firming!) method!

As my skin ages, I see stress and those occasional sleepless nights showing up a bit too distinctly on my face. I asked Barry McCaffrey, beauty skincare industry veteran, for some easy tips for more healthy, glowing skin. You'll also love these suggested organic skincare products and farm-fresh foods to help your skin look (and feel) ageless!