From October to August, the apple you’ll want your eye on is the Fuji Apple from Starr Ranch® Growers. It’s a light red apple with a yellow blush that can boast a shelf life of up to two months, but you certainly won’t forget about this fruit in your fridge! You’ll want it for snacking, salads, or baking. Just check out our Starr Ranch® Growers Fuji Apple & Brie Quesadillas Recipe for how sweet and mouth-watering they can be!

What makes Starr Ranch® Growers' apples so special, you might ask? You’ll get top-notch quality, and you’ll be supporting multi-generational farming families. Ever since 1934, founded in the heart of Washington's apple country, Starr Ranch® Growers been a leader in the fruit business. They proudly boast that they have some of the best fruit that nature has to offer!

One reason that’s true is because taste isn’t the only factor for them. They’re dedicated to fresh, nutrient-dense and satisfying products. Additionally, their farms focus on sustainability, are dedicated to keeping long-running quality traditions intact, and contribute to keeping the environment healthy for generations to come.

So what’s so great about apples, other than their delicious flavor and juicy crunch?

They’re good for your health! Sure, a piece of fruit will always conquer some candy or cookie in nutrition and calories alike, but did you know that they’re essential for optimal growth and development?

Here are five fun health facts about the benefits of apples:

  1. Reduces tooth decay
Eating an apple lowers the levels of bacteria in your mouth, meaning you’ll get whiter, healthier teeth! The fibrous texture of the fruit acts like a quick tooth brushing, just be sure to wash it down with a glass of water.
  1. Helps you fight cancer before it begins
Yes, you read that right. According to the Scientist from the American Association for Cancer Research, apples help reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 23 perfect thanks to being flavonol rich. Additionally, the compounds in the apple peel have anti-growth properties for cancer cells in the liver, colon, and breasts.
  1. Decrease risk of diabetes
Women are 28 percent less likely to develop diabetes type 2 when they eat an apple a day, thanks to the soluble fiber in the fruit.
  1. Naturally fight cholesterol
Soluble fiber also binds fats in your intestines - which means lower cholesterol levels.
  1. Help control weight
This is the one everyone can relate to, right? And when you eat better, weight control becomes easier, and you’ll feel better too! Apples are rich in fiber, which means great nutrients that fill you up. Plus, a healthy weight means less chance of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and so much more.

Now, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the health benefits a tasty Fuji apple can give you. But what else makes Fuji apples special?

Fujis were first developed in Japan in 1930. It’s unclear if these apples are named after the sacred mountain, Mt. Fuji, or the research center, Fujisaki. They unite two apple traditions: old American varieties discovered on farms and oldsteads and the modern way of breeding fruit. Fuji traveled from America (one parent apple was the Virginia Ralls Janet, grown by Thomas Jefferson, and the other is Red Delicious) to Japan (where officially breed) and now back to America!

The apple is so popular in Japan that apple imports are crazy low! When you’re shopping, you’ll want to ensure that you get the highest quality product so that you’re getting the best nutrients. For that, we strongly suggest Starr Ranch Growers.


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