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One Step…Done!™ Microwaveable Potatoes

Green Giant™ Fresh wants you to eat high quality, delicious, healthy potatoes without the fuss of poking holes in the packaging, or stopping half-way through cooking to stir in seasonings. Taste and convenience meet thanks to One Step…Done!™, a new product that eliminates the arduous attention and time required to prepare other microwaveable potatoes. Now it only takes one step and six minutes to prepare a high quality side dish.

Each bag is a unique experience! You can select from many different varieties, all with flavorful seasonings in the bag that, with a quick shake, evenly coat mini red or yellow potatoes, making meal preparation a little less stressful. Seasoning mixes include Cajun Style, Garlic Rosemary, Roasted Red Pepper, Sesame Spice, and Toasted Onion. Each of these delicious fresh herbs are ready to be diffused into a family serving of buttery and creamy potatoes—a perfectly nutritious side dish.

Green Giant™ Fresh is known for their quality fresh potatoes and onions. In the spirit of great nutrition One Step…Done!™ contains no added sodium perfect for low-sodium conscious consumers. In only six minutes, you can partake in happy, healthy eating.

When it comes to this fun way to prepare seasoned potatoes, all you need to keep in mind is: heat, eat, and then repeat…with One Step…Done!™

Mary said: "Hi Rachel, they do not! These potatoes are shelf stable! :)".
Rachel said: "Do they need refrigeration?".
Mary said: "Hi Michelle, we haven't tried freezing these as they are a fresh (not frozen) product. Our advice is to let them thaw then try microwaving.".
Michelle L said: "I froze mind before I realized we arent supposed to. Are they still ok to eat?".
Julie Grant said: "Love these potatoes but what kind of potato are they the name please?".
Lauralee Hensley said: "I like the ease of use feature with these potatoes.".
laurie mahoney said: "they look so creamy".
vivian clay said: "I read somewhere recently potatoes are good for you. I will be eating more since GG makes them easier to prepare.".
Rhonda Martin said: "I didn't realize they came in so many different flavors to choose from.".
Kathy Tritschler said: "Looking forward to trying them. What a time saver.".
Virginia Eve Patterson said: "These potatoes are easy to work with.".
Susan said: "Convenient AND delicious!! :)".
Paul wilcox jr said: "gotta try".
Jessica said: "Looks yummy".
Beth k said: "Yum!".
Kerry Jarvis said: "love all the great ideas!".
Carol Melton said: "Been there. Done it. Yum..".
Debra Warren said: "Again, wonderful ideas".

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