As the weather continues to become colder, the likelihood of catching a cold rises. While there are no cures for the common cold, as it is a virus, it's important to stay hydrated and eat more of the 'right' foods to help your body heal and get you back to feeling your best. The next time you feel a cold coming on, do yourself a favor eat more of these five cold-fighting foods!


Cinnamon is anti fungal, anti inflammatory, and has anti viral qualities which makes it a great spice to consume when you're not feeling your best. The best cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon so add a stick to your hot tea or lemon water for a soothing and tasty way to fight a cold.


You've likely heard this one before but garlic is seriously beneficial when you're battling a cold. Garlic is anti inflammatory and also has anti bacterial qualities and anti viral qualities. TIP: Garlic is most beneficial when sliced ten minutes before consuming and eaten raw. Slicing activates the allicin present in garlic which you can then spread on toast with a little olive oil and fresh herbs – this helps to mask the strong flavor of the garlic.


Curcumin, the pigment that gives turmeric its yellow color, has demonstrated anti-inflammatory qualities similar to hydrocortisone and Motrin. However, Curcumin is poorly absorbed in the bloodstream so consuming turmeric with black pepper (piperine) and fat enhances the absorption. Make a warm Turmeric tonic with coconut milk (fat), black pepper, and turmeric powder or freshly grated turmeric to help fight that nasty cold.


Not only is mint tasty and relaxing, it can help your body fight that cold! Mint’s rosmarinic acid is known to combat free radicals, help reduce inflammation, and provide relief from asthma. Add a bunch of mint to hot water and steep to make your own mint tea or add a few springs to your favorite tea and soak up the healing benefits.


More than just a flavor for stuffing and warding off bad vibes, sage can dry up phlegm, and you can gargle with the tea to treat coughs and tonsil or throat infections.

We hope this list helps you feel a but of ease the next time you catch a cold. Let us know if you try any of these tips and we hope you get well soon!


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