Is there anything better than a solid night of sleep? We're fantasizing about those nights where you barely move, wake up without an alarm, in a great mood, and feeling super refreshed!

Did you know that a lack of sleep can impact more than just your mood? Quality sleep is critical in order for your body and brain to function properly!

See my latest blog on tips of easy things that you can do to improve your quality of sleep including exercise daily, drink less caffeine (or drink caffeine earlier in the day), stay away from screens an hour before bed, etc. However, a more fun and delicious way to get better sleep at night is to incorporate these farm-fresh foods into your diet!


Chamomile tea is naturally caffeine free and this sleep-inducer a great way to wind down at night. Studies show that flavonoids in chamomile bind to receptors in the brain which causes a calming effect. Make a hot cup before bed and allow the warming tea soothe into into a night of solid sleep.

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Cherries are one of the few food sources of melatonin, which helps regulate heart rhythms as well as the body's sleep cycle. Eat a few cherries every day to experience the benefits.


Jujubes contain compounds that have a sedative effect and can help with insomnia. You can eat fresh jujubes as a snack or dried jujubes for a sweet dessert – their flavor is similar to that of an apple.


Kiwifruit is high in seratonin. Try eating two kiwis before bedtime to help you fall asleep more quickly.


Almonds are another source of melatonin, but contain more protein than cherries. Try eating a handful of almonds every night before bed to helps regulate your body's sleep cycle.


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