Not many companies have a long organic history like this one! Organic grains are in hot demand these days, and one company has been using a process that is so rare it's worth knowing about. Great River Organic Milling is located in the heart of the Hiawatha Valley in Wisconsin, and is surrounded by nothing but the natural beautiful nature. They understand and appreciate the natural beauty of everything – including their grains, and they've been grinding organic product since the 70's.


Even before there was a USDA organic standard, Great River was creating organic. In fact, it is actually Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International and is Kosher approved.

Most Great River flour is stone-ground. What does this mean? Well, first of all, there is someone who is actually grinding the grains! In fact, Glenn Robeck has been grinding it for 32 years himself, supervising everything and making sure that there's a fantastic product on the other side!

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There are only a few remaining stone milling operations in ORGANIC in the country. Grains are then milled on granite stones, which helps maintain the nutrition of the whole grain. The natural granite millstones contribute to the quality, taste and nutritional integrity of whole grain flour. The grain becomes very thin, flat flakes as it flows into the stones. That helps integrate all parts of the wheat immediately into the flour, which gives the flour more flavor.


Why have a strong commitment to organic/sustainable agriculture? (grown/produced without any prohibited chemicals)

  • It protects the environment
  • Builds and maintains healthy soil
  • Helps improve water and air quality
  • Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not USED
  • The crops grown in the soil, contain more vital nutrients
  • Resists pests and diseases
  • Eating organic foods promote the health of individuals and the land where it is grown, which includes the lives of microorganisms, plants, and humans.


Great River Organic Milling Products

Because they are a wheat milling operation, everything that they do is based around whole wheat flour. They have a variety of different types of flours that are gluten-free by nature. However, they do not like to state that their products are gluten-free, because they mill such high quantities of wheat, which could interact at some point in the process.
Some of their different products, which you can buy on AMAZON, include the following:
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Hope you enjoyed the education on stone ground milling. We did!


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  1. I am a fan of your products. I live in California and would love to one day to come and visit your farm.
    Is there anyway to get your product at a lower price than Amazon?

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