When we think of the Holiday's, we think of FOOD - and because we’re from Farm Star Living, we think of FRESH FOOD. So, we thought what better idea for the Holiday's than to have an inspired tablescape using fresh food? Plus, we are keeping it simple – and by using just a few things from your local craft store, getting great produce from the grocery store and integrating some Earth elements, you can do this yourself easily and beautifully.

You can use these ideas to create a fabulous centerpiece for the table or buffet stations.

It all starts with these three things:

  • Fresh Food - from the grocery store, farms near you, or farmer's market
    • Figs, Pears, Pomegranates, Apples, Fresh herbs - rosemary, sage and dill, Grapes, Cranberries
  • Earth elements -
    • Wooden trays or a 'lazy susan", Flowers, Pinecones, Pecans
  • Metallic / sparkles - from the craft store
    • Gold glitter spray, skewers, toothpicks, and a wooden twine ball, anything fun and festive like bows, feathers, your preference!

Keeping these 3 things in mind, here’s a way that you can create a beautiful tablescape for your dining table, and decorative elements for your buffet station, dessert table, or coffee area. So, let me walk you through this.


First, let’s start with the place settings. and dinner napkins. We thought a great way to start would be with Harvest Sensations fresh herbs – especially the sturdy and aromatic rosemary, along with the beautiful spray that dill provides, and the leafy sage items, too.

Here are 2 different versions:

1. We placed the rosemary sprig with a couple of cranberries (just stuck right on it), and then tied some twine around it and the napkin. Simple beauty!

2. Then, we have a rolled napkin with cinnamon stiiks, sprayed with gold glitter that we got from a craft store. A beautiful, earthy and lightly scented way to freshen it up!

Then, here’s a place card holder that can be a beautiful and interesting way to hold a place card. We used a cordial or shot glass with a variety of fresh herbs along with a few cranberries on a skewer. Then add a few grapes, also on a toothpick.

Or use pomegranates! Just dip it in gold or spray with glitter and then tie twine and add a place card. Colorful and fun!


Candles are always fantastic for ambiance.

Here are 3 ways to use them:

1. Don't have a fancy candelabra? No problem! Simply place tapered candles in a vessel filled with cranberries - pretty and rich. We used them from Decas, as they were hearty and beautiful and available at our local Kroger.

2. Another version is using a floating candle in water with cranberries, and fresh herbs. Simple and casting a beautiful glow.

3. Just take cinnamon sticks and wrap them around a pillar candle, tied with twine. Beautiful, earthy!

Also, use a candle base from your home. I had a gold one that I loved and just filled it with gold-sprayed mini-pinecones.


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