Feeling healthy is also easier when you are feeling fit! Physical exercise is a key ingredient to the recipe of an overall healthy lifestyle because when you are fit, you're stronger and more energetic and just feel better overall.

For so many, this idea of becoming physically fit can be overwhelming. If you have not been exercising very much, starting out can be intimidating and seem like a challenge. In fact, so many put so much pressure on themselves to be physically fit that it ends up becoming self-defeating. So, here are some tips to keeping it simple – and achievable!

Start Small:

As a coach, I have heard people just getting back into working out say they're going to work out for an hour. But is that realistic? I say set your timer for 10 minutes. Literally - ten minutes. Do that everyday for at least a few days. This way you're not putting yourself into a guilt trip if you can't do more, and you're not overwhelmed with the thought of working out for an hour! After a week - or at minimum four days, then you start to increase the time – slowly! Try fifteen. Maybe twenty. We are easing into this, as it is not a quick fix, this is a lifestyle shift that will happen.

Make it Fun:

Make it fun - for real. Exercise doesn't have to be grueling. You can do something energetically for part of your physical exercise. This means energetic vacuuming! Put on the tunes and shake your booty while you go! Made you laugh, right? And that's how it can be - fun! You can dance, you can mop, you can walk briskly, you can do jumping jacks, you can skip rope, you can hula hoop! Just do something fun – at least to start. Then you can get more into intense work-outs later.

Self-Motivate with a Stick-It:

I have a poster, like a large Memo Stick-It, on my wall that has my motivational quotes. I've had this on my wall for a year, and it has worked for me to keep me on track or get back on track if I find I've veered! My favorite is "Where do you want to be in SEVEN days?" I want to be in a good place, I want to be stronger, more fit, and this serves as a reminder to myself to stay on the path. I also have LEAN & FIT takes consistent cardio, HEALTHY STRONG BONES takes consistent endurance, AGILITY + EASE takes daily stretching, and BECAUSE YOU CAN you must take nothing for granted. WATER - Watch All The Eating Regularly.


I heard once that you never should let yourself go more than two days without working out, and I find that to be true. The hardest part about getting fit is starting from zero, without any momentum behind you to keep going. So, don't let yourself get too far along – for a few days or worse a week, without doing at least the ten minutes. It's so much easier to keep doing something than to start doing something, so just remember to keep the daily momentum going! It will get easier and more ingrained in your daily routines and over time the results will be in how you feel!

Don't Give Up:

If you don't see the results you want soon, don't give up. I read in a book ATOMIC HABITS that so many people think that they'll have a visible, steadily increasing result just because they started a new habit. However, that's rarely the case. You might stay stationary, showing no improvement or change for a while, but then BAAM! You "all of a sudden" start to have that result you'd been working towards. Like a sudden growth spurt, the results will start to magnify but it could be awhile. Don't give up – by being consistent, you will be well on your way to a more fit, more physically strong version of yourself. It will and it DOES happen!

Food as Fuel:

Healthy eating will be important to help you have the energy and vitality you need to be your best, strongest self. Make sure you eat good carbs, and potatoes are indeed great fuel for your body.

I wish you much success on your journey towards being your strongest, most healthy self. I'd love to know how it's going, so please feel free to send me a note and message to wellness@farmstarliving.com


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  1. Good solid advice here. New habits that are healthy sure are hard but it is that sticking to it that makes all the difference to rewire your brain. The results can plateau and may be hard at first but definitely worth it in the end.

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