Everyone loves mashed potatoes, right?! Mashed potatoes are one of those dishes that remind me of home and getting together with family. But there's a reason why we serve mashed potatoes on special occasions – making them is such a hassle! The steps alone are exhausting – peel the potatoes, chop the potatoes, boil the water, gather and measure ingredients, cook potatoes, drain potatoes, mash potatoes – I'm tired just thinking about it! But, making mashed potatoes doesn't have to be a hassle thanks to the new Minute Mashers™ with Gravy from Green Giant™ Fresh. Thankfully, you can now enjoy meals in minutes!

Inside the microwavable package you'll find real, whole potatoes, real butter, and real seasonings like the ones in your own kitchen. Just place the whole package in the microwave for seven minutes and let the Minute Mashers™ work their magic. Now, this is the fun part – remove the package with oven mitts then smash and mash the whole potatoes into mashed potatoes right in the bag. No need for big pots of boiling water or gathering tons of ingredients because it's all right there in the package.

Once potatoes are mashed to your desired consistency, open the bottom portion of the bag and plate your hot mashed potatoes. Then simply cut a small slit into the top of the package and pour real, rich brown gravy over the mashed potatoes. It's everything you need to make real mashed potatoes with real gravy in minutes!

Minute Mashers™ with Gravy comes in two delicious varieties: Yellow Potatoes with Brown Gravy made from real beef stock and Yellow Potatoes with Chicken Gravy made from real chicken broth. And the yellow potatoes are among the best I've tasted – so creamy, buttery soft, and I don't have to peel them!

Get creative and see how you can use Minute Mashers™ with Gravy at home or give this new recipe a try – Minute Mashers™ with Gravy Stuffed Mushrooms! These hot appetizers make a delicious addition to any party and they are so quick and easy thanks to, you guessed it, Minute Mashers™ with Gravy!

So the next time you think you don't have enough time to make mashed potatoes, think Ready.Set.Gravy™! with Minute Mashers™ with Gravy – you can find them in the produce aisle!


55 responses to “Meals In Minutes!”

  1. I have been searching for these potatoes and cannot find them at Walmart or Woodmans. Please send potatoes!

  2. I have been unable to find all of the new products in my local supermarkets. IE: Publix and Walmart. I have been looking forward to trying all of the new products & recipes!!
    Thank you. Mary Moore marymoflo@yahoo.com

  3. Minute mashers were a huge hit Christmas dinner. they are quick and easy to use and not only quick they were delicious.

  4. Love these potatoes their the best. Diffinently have to try the ones with the gravy. Ty #GreenGiant.🥰😇

  5. Where can I buy these. I can’t find them. So disappointing because I have been doing this giveaway and learning so much and excited to buy and try. Especially for my 85 yr old mom. I even had her watch the video and she was excited to get them. My husband couldn’t find these at all so he got another kind and not even close to as easy as these. Please let me know.

    • Hi Cathy! Our friends at Green Giant™ Fresh potatoes are working hard to get these products available nationwide. Keep asking your produce manager to stock them for you and keep your eyes peeled for ways to find them soon!

  6. I need to go and see if my store( Kroger) has these wonderful sounding and delicious looking mashed potatoes!!

  7. Oh my my such a neat shortcut to making mashed potatoes Very Impressive indeed Thank You Green Giant for featuring this super duper amazing giveaway! It is Greatly Appreciated Fantastic way to make mashed potatoes! Count me in I’ll be definitely buying them on my next grocery shopping day Thanks AMillion! First thing I’ll make will be Sheppard’s Pie

  8. Where are these available? I didn’t see them in my local supermarket. Would they be in the refrigerated, frozen or shelf stable section of the store? Thank you.

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