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The New ONES™ to Love!

Don't you wish you could put everything you need in a snack – convenience, flavor, and health – into one easy package? Well, now you don't have to thanks to my friends at Sunsweet®. They've packed a delectable, zero fat, 100 calorie, high fiber, low sugar, on-the-go snack into bite-size pieces of nourishment – introducing you to Ones Amaz!n™ Prunes.

Photo Courtesy of Sunsweet®

Individually wrapped and delicious, Ones Amaz!n™ Prunes are moist, juicy and full of nutritious goodness. They're perfect for when that snack-attack hits you when you're on-the-go, so pop a few into your car, purse, or keep some in your desk like I do. Anyone that knows me knows I have a killer sweet tooth and I am a total chocoholic. But, I am also conscious of my overall health and fitness.

Photo Courtesy of Sunsweet®

That's why I am excited to share with my fellow chocolate-lovers the newest addition to the Sunsweet family – Ones™ Cocoa Dusted Prunes. These are my new go-to when my sweet tooth hits me (because I know it will)! These chocolate-y bites of deliciousness are dusted in premium cocoa for a snack that feels indulgent but is still healthy. BONUS: there's no added sugar!

Photo Courtesy of Sunsweet®

Don't worry if chocolate isn't your thing because I've got another option for you berry lovers – Ones™ Berry Essence Prunes! Fall in love with these irresistible bites bursting with berry flavor with no added sugar, so you get the same nutritional benefits of Amaz!n™ Prunes with an all-new taste. TIP: enjoy both Berry Essence and Cocoa Dusted ones together for a berry-chocolate flavor explosion!

I am so thankful to Sunsweet for creating this new favorite on-the-go snack. I hope you'll give them a try and see for yourself just how tasty these little Ones™ are – it's truly love at first bite!

Cathleen Salas said: "Yummy!".
Amy said: "I would LOVE to try the 2 new flavors! These are SO healthy for you!".
Sharon Fisher said: "Can't wait to try them!".
Cheryl Webb said: "Yum!".
Robert Rhodes said: "I’m thankful for the healthy and great tasting Berry Essence One’s.".
Gerri Beauchamp said: "I love Sunsweet One's ♥".
mary holcomb said: "all of the ideas sound yummy1".
Karen Herbert said: "Been searching for the cocoa dusted but haven't found them yet (anything with chocolate has to be good)".
Paul Alessi said: "I eat prunes every day. But I am really looking forward to getting and trying these cocoa dusted prunes. They sound delicious!!!".
Mary Dailey said: "I will have to try these!".
Cathleen Salas said: "These are so good for you!".
Audrey Underwood said: "I've got an idea for a new Sunsweet Ones Product: Take berry essence prunes and dust them with cocoa. It would be the best of both worlds! YUMMY!".
Patricia A Bingham said: "Will be giving them a try.".
Doris Taylor said: "Would love to try these, gonna try to locate them in my area.".
Bridget Lee said: "I can't wait to try both of the new flavours. Cocoa & Berry. NOM NOM!!".
Rose Duby said: "Anything cocoa dusted has my name on it and I like that they’re individually wrapped for easy convenience.".
Rebecca said: "These are a delicious, satisfying snack. I love the portability and carry them with me for a terrific afternoon pick me up!".
Beth koogle said: "They look delicious".
mary holcomb said: "love prunes any way you can fix them".
Emma Lee Welker said: "I always enjoy SUNSET Prunes with berry essence. As a "pick me up" after a hard day at the office, weekends cleaning the house and a pick me up. They taste good and are good for my body.".
JEANETTE ZOPP said: "So good, and good for you!".
james grabowski said: "none at this time".
Scott Bode said: "Love 'em".
Charles Harlich said: "Looks good".
Lesli Sperling said: "Love Prunes ~! So Healthy".
E. J said: "Would like to try all 3.".
Ralph Luton said: "I love these snacks ! I can't get enough!".
Audrey said: "Can't wait to get my hands on those Cocoa Dusted Amaz!n Prunes. Perfect snack after working in the yard. YUM!".
Mary Memering said: "We love Sunsweet Prunes,will have to try the new ONes,they look Delicious!".
jacqueline nikolish said: "sounds good. I will have to try them soon!".
Kathleen said: "Brilliant! What a great idea! They look delicious can't wait to try them!".
Scott Bode said: "Nice!".
Lindsay said: "Dried snack keep you on the move (literally)".

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