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Recently I have been on antibiotics, and it has been strongly advised to take some probiotics. Yet even without being on antibiotics, I have always known that if your stomach and intestines aren't in great shape, you won't be either. It's our 'core' and is absolutely essential to our overall well-being. So, I knew that there's one company that takes this health seriously – in fact, it's all that they do! It's been one of my go-to's over time, and again especially now – GoodBelly. How appropriate, right?

I couldn't resist making this NatureSweet® SunBursts Margarita, and it actually inspired some dance moves! Read the article and check out our video, and you'll see what I mean, but please don't hold it against me! I also enclosed two other recipes for summer eating that hopefully also will inspire you. As always, NatureSweet's seeds are all non-gmo, and their seeds have been selected because of their incredible flavor and overall great quality. Please read on!

Ever heard of stone ground wheat? How about ORGANIC stone ground wheat? There aren't many companies doing stone ground anymore, and especially not if they are ORGANIC! This company Great River Milling Company has one man that's been supervising the process for 32 years, and this grain isn't just your ordinary 'run of the mill' grain!

I met this company at a produce show two years ago, and I was amazed at how fantastic these beets tasted – seriously fantastic. No joke! This started my love affair with Love Beets – as I had never had seen or tasted beets prepared in any of these way – and I have to share them with you, too!

Everyone knows that Georgia peaches are some of the sweetest fruits that you'll ever put in your mouth, and Lane Southern Orchards exceeds those expectations. This Southern family has spent generations perfecting their farming, and now they've even opened their doors to us all!

I don't think it would have been the perfect summer experience without strawberries being served in some special treat! At minimum, just serving a tray of beautiful red strawberries seems festive to me, and one company that continues to deliver the most sweet, big and juicy strawberries is Well-Pict Berries. It constantly delivers!

I was very excited to meet BOIRON at a recent Expo for natural products. I'd been buying many of their products for years, so the chance to meet these natural health trend-setters was exciting to me. I found out a lot about the company, more than I knew before, and it made me feel even better about the products that I'd come to know and love. I wanted to dig deep a bit, and I thought it was important to actually understand a bit more about what homeopathic medicine can do for us!

Oh, you Southerners know what I'm talking 'bout! Food fest beyond food fests! A not to miss event is happening in Atlanta. In fact, what other place brings hundreds of the most amazing Southern chefs together? Chefs Asha Gomez, Hugh Acheson, Kevin Gillespie, Steven Satterfield, Linton Hopkins, Cory Bahr, Wesley True, etcetera, etcetera! You know it! It's the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, that's what! And if you don't know about it, you really should! We've got the skinny on it here. (Or perhaps the not so skinny??!)

Oh, The joy of the summer and being outdoors, listening to music, enjoying great festivals and sipping on beer! What more could you want? Well, I’ll tell you something to want! Organic beer! That’s right, there’s a award-winning beer company coming to a market near you that’s producing beer that is not only ecologically responsible, using 100% non-GMO ingredients, but also brewing ORGANIC beer! And doing a fabulous job at it, I must add!