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Let's slip into something cozy! Our first pick is LAKE Loungewear – our new go-to. These 100% Pima Cotton made clothes the tare so soft you may never want to take them off. The luxurious fabric along with timeless patterns and styles offers something for everyone, and you'll look pretty chic, too. But while you’re luxuriating in your new stylin’ pajamas, we also know you need to tend to your skin, too!

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That's why we think you'll love this Joy Moy elixir. Joy Moy is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and she has been developing her organic products for years. Luckily, Joy Moy Skincare is now available and will help your skin repair and renew itself. These 100% natural elixirs are the perfect way to let your face become its most vibrant self. The Ultimate BioBotanical™ Face Elixir aids in bringing back a radiant glow with Black Cumin Seed – known as “The Miracle Seed” – which revitalizes the appearance of tired, dull skin, particularly when applied prior to vital overnight skin cell regeneration. Or try the Essential BioBotanical™ Face Elixir, which aids in bringing back a radiant glow with Coconut Monoi, a luxurious, non-greasy formula containing Tahitian gardenias for superior skin-protecting properties with a naturally divine scent.



Then, tie up those tresses softly and smoothly with The Original Sleepy Tie®. This product will smoothly and softly tie up the hair in a pony or bun, and the best part about this is that it's created with a luxury satin. This groundbreaking Sleepy Tie® has sold out 5x and has been a cult classic favorite! No more crazy bed head when you wake up!

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Then, you’re ready to let your mind relax and recharge, but start with a deep relaxing sleep with these must-try SleepPhones. These wireless bluetooth headphones are perfect for that before bed meditation or white noise to block out the outside world. Don’t worry about them falling out in the middle of the night as they’re part of a comfortable and soft headband. Coming in two different fabrics, they have a pair for every type of sleeper from hot to cold. For the hot sleepers, choose the breathable fabric and for the cold sleepers, grab the fleece fabric and snuggle up in a blanket before drifting off to sleep.
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If you haven’t slept with an eye mask, then you don’t know what you’re missing! Not all eye masks are the same, however, and we love this one from Saatva made with the finest mulberry silk. Slightly weighted and naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and temperature regulating, these luxuriously smooth silk eye masks block out light and also prevent creases and protects the delicate eye area from friction. No more puffy eyes for you!
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Now, all cozy in bed, you’ll be able to drift off to the perfect meditation or ambient music you’re finding from the Sleep Phones. But not sure what to listen to? We have the perfect suggestion. Download the Chopra Meditation app from your app store and listen to amazing guided meditations or go a more personalized route and choose a meditation based on your emotions from the day. Test it out via the free version, or if you want to take a deeper dive, sign up for the more robust library of meditations, music, and gain access to all types of wellness and meditation initiatives.

Can’t you already feel the wave of beauty sleep coming over you? Sleep tight, friends.


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