Summer break as a kid is always a magical time! No school, summer camp, play time with friends and family – a joyful time for everyone. Once summer break ends and it's time to get back to school, however, the transition can be difficult for the whole family, not just for the kids. As a health and wellness coach, I believe these 5 tips can help you make this tough transition a bit easier –not only for the kids, but for YOU!


Stress isn't only something that happens to us adults! A brand new class, a new teacher, sometimes a new school can be overwhelming for a young child. Take time to talk with your kids and listen well to their worries or even fears about the upcoming school year. A reassuring smile, a loving hug, a caring mindset, and your undistracted time (yes, full attention) will help assuage their fears and reenforce that you will be there for them always. Don't forget to ask what they're most excited about, too – and get excited with them!


Start your school routine now! Don't wait until the day school starts to get everyone out of bed and ready for that first day of school. Start going to bed earlier now, and start setting their alarms earlier so those early school morning just a bit easier to deal with. Plan outfits, routes, class schedule, and meals to get that morning off to a smooth start. Getting into the swing now will make your mornings hopefully a little less hectic.

Meal Prep / Plan Ahead:

Once school starts it always seems like there are less hours in the day – especially if you're driving the kids to school and picking them up. I don't even want to think about the drop-off and pick-up lines in Atlanta traffic!! The one thing you can do to make mealtime easier is to pack lunches the night before and make sure you have easy-to-make dinners for busy weeknights ahead. I suggest snagging Minute Mashers™ with Gravy from our friends at Green Giant™ Fresh. All of their potatoes are REAL, have REAL ingredients and even now with REAL GRAVY from real chicken broth or beef stock (delicious!), but the real kicker is that these Minute Mashers™ with Gravy take only SEVEN minutes to make. That's it – just microwave for seven minutes and you have hot and healthy mashed potatoes with gravy on the table. And most kids I know won't turn their noses up to mashed potatoes and gravy!


No, you're not in trouble, but these Time Outs are for you! That's because while you're scratching things off of your long to-do list, you might have forgotten to take that extra moment and TLC for yourself. And, if you're not happy, it's hard to be happy for those little moments that really do mean the world. So, I suggest a 'breathing break,' by sitting quietly and deep breathing for a few minutes. Just even a few rounds of deep breathing, slow and steady - through the nose when you breathe in and out slowly through the mouth, can recalibrate your parasympathetic nervous system and realign yourself. Centering ourselves and taking a moment to be grounded does wonders for the emotions, and can reset you when things have gone a bit wacky. And, who are we kidding, things are always going a bit wacky!

Burn Off Energy to get MORE Energy:

A brisk walk. A ride on a bike. Floor exercises. Stretching. Yoga. These are just a few of the things that you can do to move your body, tap into your physical strength, and boost your cardiovascular system. All of these things will benefit your stamina, which you need in order to keep up with the kids' busy schedules and the hectic days surrounding them! Plus, because of this, you'll find you're having more energy, not less. Moving your body in a way like this refuels your system, energizes your spirit, and you'll feel less stressed and better overall. It's always hardest to start, but it gets easier. So, just begin ... do anything at all. And, ask yourself, was that so bad? Probably not ... in fact, it was probably pretty great!

What are some ways you like to prepare the family for getting back into the swing of things? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. love that everything you need is inside is in each of these packages! Real, farm-fresh potatoes, real butter, and real seasonings!

  2. I have never encountered a school age person that did not like potatoes. Minute mashers would surely bring a smile to their face when they came face to face with minute mashers after a hard day at school.

  3. Its hard to juggle after school activities, homework AND dinner too! This makes it much easier to provide a healthy meal to your family.

  4. Healthy, delicious, & convenient, you can’t go wrong with Green Giant Minute Mashers or One Step…Done potatoes!

  5. you cant have too many tips to ease into back to school trepidations. What works for one family isnt right for another. Trial and error and this bounty of tips could just be a life savor for someone having serious issues regarding their school

  6. Making time to listen and talk with our kids each and every school day is a priority in our home. Asking how their day went, what they’ve learned new, were there any problems, are the questions I ask faithfully. I also inquire about any good reports they’d like to share.

  7. all the above pretty much cover the optimum advantages to following priorities and keeping them forefront in your mind as necessary to regroup and stay on task,

  8. To save time during the week & have less stress, try to plan the meals for the week at the beginning of the week.

  9. yes, routine is paramount, same way, same time, dependability helps the children grow in the right direction

  10. planning ahead helps with everything, not just meal planning, but all your activities and excursions and school projects and assignments, guiding and shaping the child with organization helps navigate life

  11. I’m definitely going to buy a bag of Minute Mashers with gravy potatoes on my next trip to the grocery store.

  12. ◆No children, but appreciate the tips to reduce stress. Life is crazy sometimes. We all need ways to chill. Thx! ♡

  13. our most common back to school issues are morning wake up schedule,,need I say EARLIER,,and evening independent school work can be a struggle, but once they are in the groove it isnt so bad. New and old friends always make things better

  14. I’ve trusted the Green Giant brand for years & all their products are top quality. I can’t wait to try the Minute Mashers with gravy because I know it will be delicious.

  15. you cant have enough tips regarding back to school, from coming home after to early morning preparation, these are important tips for families

  16. Start getting children ready to go back to school by starting to go to bed early about a week before school starts.

  17. a lot comes into play with stress and family dynamics and level of education and amount of assistance and size of family and and and,,,but every situation is unique regarding the problems and the solutions, if any

  18. I love that it only takes 7 minutes to microwave Minute Mashers with gravy. Thank you Green Giant for making a healthy, delicious, and convenient way to have mashed Potatoes with gravy.

  19. Read the books chapter names and last pages of vocabulary to familiarize yourself with the subject.

  20. I’m looking forward to trying the Minute Mashers with gravy. They look delicious & are so easy to prepare.

  21. I’m planning on going back to school in my 50’s and these would make great sides for out dinner’s.

  22. It’s so easy to prepare the Minute Mashers with gravy. All it takes is 7 minutes & you have hot and healthy mashed potatoes with gravy on the table.

  23. I could really have used this info 45 years ago. Now, it’s interesting, but I’m too old to benefit from it because even the grandkid is no longer a kid.

  24. All of these are great tips! I especially agree with talking, and listening, with your kids about any concerns they might have about starting the new school year.

  25. Great information for people with school age kids. I’m past that generation. I enjoy the spoils of the grandchildren

  26. I believe it’s very important kids and listen well to their worries or fears about the upcoming school year

  27. I think that setting their alarms earlier so those early school morning just a bit easier to deal with is a great tip to starting a routine well before school starts.

  28. Thank you for your tip of taking a “breathing break” for myself. It will really help center me on chaotic days.

  29. My son is special needs. Usually when he was in school its was stressful because I had to get him back in the grove of going to school. He is now 25. But I also work as a para and work with special needs kiss’s I see the parents with kids who may have issues with going back and getting back into the schedule of school etc

  30. This school year will be different but easier. My son is going to College. Meal prepping will play a major role for our different schedules

  31. Well, we’re empty nesters with grown grandson, so we don’t really participate in these activities, but we do love potatoes.

  32. Once my husband and youngest are off, I love taking my me time and having my cup of coffee while I read for a bit.

  33. Great tips! I especially like the one about talking to your kids & discussing any worries they may have about starting a new school year.

  34. Great tips. Can apply to anyone. Start more routine practices. Set times to eat, sleep, play earlier so can be rested when morning comes around.

  35. I hadn’t thought of some of those things. I always used to be stressed at back to school time. I’m going to tell my daughter about this article. I know she gets stressed.

  36. When school starts I truly appreciate some wonderful food that is quick and convenient to eat. I have children and am also a teacher, so I appreciate the help with dinner.

  37. All so very very important for those of us with children. Times are always changing and with more and more outside influences, both good and bad, so we need to make certain we’re in the know more than ever.

  38. Do you think you could make the Farm Star sweep any more ridiculous and redundant????????? Mary needs to get off her ego trip Nobody wants to go down a list of 30 things for a few entries and a measly $500

  39. Do you think you could make the Farm Star sweep any more ridiculous and redundant????????? Mary needs to get off her ego trip

  40. When my girls were in school, I found getting organized the night before was a big time saver in the mornings..

  41. Actually the “Routine” prep sounds much like what my parents did for us to get ready for the start of school.
    It still works for my niece’s family.

  42. It is important to get the kids off the ipads and outside for exercise. I know my grandson would be on his all day if my daughter didn’t monitor it. Exercise is great for stress.

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