In the heart of agricultural landscapes, where hardworking hands sow the seeds of sustenance, THX! emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity for farmworkers. The THX! Program is a transformative program designed to empower and make dreams come true for farmworkers who toil tirelessly in the fields – often under-appreciated and unseen.

From long hours in the fields to limited access to resources, the THX! Program is a crucial catalyst for positive change in the lives of these dedicated individuals. These farmworkers may have never felt recognized or appreciated during the course of their lives or careers. It's not that they've actually been unappreciated, they just might not have ever had the personal interaction for someone to share their appreciation and offer recognition or value for the farmworker. The THX! program changes all of that and now offers a way that we may all participate and help farmworkers who could truly benefit from our support. We can now recognize the farmworkers as individuals and express how their hard work and commitment to doing this work is valued. And, through a purchase of a product with a THX! label, a specific farmworker's dream will come true!

See our Video to see how it works.

This company was started as a vision by Martin Cassanova, and he was later joined by partner Raul to help create the programs that would be a win / win / win. It's a win for the farmworker, it's a win for the grower who allows the farmworkers to be recognized, and it's a win for the shopper, who is able to now personally connect and understand more about the farmworker who picked and packed the food. Most importantly, with no extra expense, the purchase of a produce item featuring a THX! label will help make the farmworkers' dream come true.

Farmworkers' dreams range from housing projects, to education, and to entrepreneurship. Things might appear rather basic to those of us who are accustomed to having resources at our fingertips, but to these farmworkers, sometimes it is the most basic of a need that will change their lives – and their families' lives - forever.

Some of the housing projects dreams have been to have a roof patched to stop the water during the rains. Or it could be a dining table, where everyone can gather for a meal. Or it can be a stove, a refrigerator, or the building of an extra room to allow more space for the family. Then, it could be to have a wheelchair for a spouse, a laptop for a child to continue their studies, or a bicycle to get to the school. Sometimes it has been to have a goat, to start a business in the offseason, or to have a means to create hand-sewn products to sell to others in their communities. These 'dreams' are made true, simply by purchasing the products with the THX! labels.

The farmworkers' dreams being cultivated in the fields can blossom into realities with your support. The THX! Program stands as a testament to the transformative power of people caring for each other. In the world of agriculture, where seeds are sown for sustenance, THX! Program plants the seeds of dreams, fostering a future where every farmworker can see their aspirations come to fruition. No pun intended - or maybe just a little!


144 responses to “THX! Putting the Human Face on Sustainability”

  1. Seeing a real person’s face on the package & being able to scan & hear their stories makes you realize that this is real, not made up.

  2. It’s really sad when you think about how hard the farmers really work so hard in the hot sun. I know a lot of people go to work without getting the recognition they should, and I for one think that that is wrong. Everyone, now and then needs to know that they are important and appreciated in their work that they do. It would make this world a much better place to live!!!

  3. It is very wonderful that this program is in place.
    I will look for the faces and whisper a THX to them when I make my purchases

  4. Putting faces of real people on packages makes purchasers know that these are real people, not made up.

  5. I never thought that “feeling closer to my food” would be something that I needed. It isn’t, necessarily, but it sure has been neat to know more about their stories.

  6. The important things on life are also more about people than money or business. Most companies refuse to see that. I’m glad the THX! Program exists!

  7. Well I know that I will be looking out for the lable sticker with the “THX” on it. I know what it is like needing something so simple for your family and not being able at the time to be able to make a simple purchase. I know they work under harsh conditions, high temps under the sun. God bless them all, thank you.

  8. I am glad there are programs for farm workers since they are the one that harvest our produce. We should appreciate the jobs they do.

  9. Kudos for skillfully illuminating the human stories behind sustainability efforts, enriching our understanding and inspiring action towards a more compassionate and eco-conscious world.

  10. The THX program works on so many levels, most importantly is for the workers. They work so hard to put great produce on our tables for our families. Its a big round circle of win for everyone.

  11. I appreciate ALL that work in the food industry. From the field workers to the people who get it out in our grocery stores, without them, I wouldn’t have the variety of foods to choose from!

  12. By putting the faces of the workers on the packages it lets people know that the stories are real and not made up.

  13. By putting faces of real workers on the packages it makes people aware that the workers needs are similar to ours.

  14. What can be better than win/win/win? Love the idea of thinking about the good of all involved in the process!

  15. I tip my hat to all farm workers. It’s not an easy job, and not everyone can do it. Thanks to all the farmers out there, you’re the best at what you do !!!

  16. My husband/mi esposo is also a Latino who works in agriculture. We recognize the disparities for opportunities and salute those who give their blood, sweat and tears in this brutal industry.

  17. It’s great that the THX! Program can provide a positive change in the lives of these dedicated farmworkers.

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