Recent Press Mentions
April 2020: Fox & Friends: How Covid-19 Outbreak is Impacting Farmers Mary Blackmon speaks about how the Covid-19 outbreak is impacting farmers and the food industry.Read More
March 2020: BayouLife Magazine In this feature article, Mary talks about her deep roots and connection to her Northeast Louisiana farm and shares stories of becoming a fourth-generation farmer and founding Farm Star Living.Read More
February 2020: Fox & Friends: Mary Blackmon defends farmers. Farmers express outrage over Bloomberg's 'out of touch' take on the industry. Mary Blackmon, founder of Farm Star Living, invited to speak on behalf of farmers.Read More
February 2020: Fox Business: Varney & Co. Invites Mary Blackmon to Defend Farmers Farming is more than 'planting a seed': Fourth-generation farm owner Mary Blackmon, Founder of Farm Star Living and fourth-generation farm owner, responds to former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's comments on how simple farming is.Read More
November 2019: Fox & Friends Mary Blackmon talks about USMCA, background about farmers, and where our food comes from! Mary urges viewers to show farmers gratitude as we gather around our Thanksgiving tables.Read More
June 2018: Voyage ATL - Meet Mary Blackmon of Farm Star Living Get to know Farm Star Mary, where she comes from, and the moment she decided to trade in her briefcase for overalls and take over the family farm.Read More
March 2018: Roots Run Deep Modern Luxury interviews Farm Star Mary where she talks about the moments that inspired her to create Farm Star Living.Read More
February 2018: Jezebel Magazine talks about what's available in the newly updated Farm Star Living App.Read More
November 2017: CBS Atlanta Plugged In Farm Star Mary makes a visit to CBS in Atlanta and shows you just how easy it is to create a beautiful Holiday Tablescape using ingredients from your local grocery store!Read More
October 2017: 40 Things We Love About Atlanta Dining out magazine selected farm star living as one of their favorite food guides!Read More
October 2017: CBS Atlanta Plugged In Farm Star Mary talks with Kimberley Kennedy at CBS in Atlanta about fall fun and farms near you!Read More
September 2017: 5 Ways to Bring More Farm Fresh Food Into Your Life Whether you are planting your fall crops of lettuce and kale in your own veggie garden or supporting local farmers through your CSA, here are some other clever ways to support farmers and enjoy some healthy eating at the same time.Read More
June 2017: Wilmot farmer's granddaughter adapts to field Mary Blackmon took control of the family farm at Wilmot in 2008, adding agriculture to a successful internet marketing career, in a town with no internet access.Read More
March 2017: Atlanta Journal Constitution Farm Star Living and a handful of it's partners were profiled on how they keep food waste to a minimum.Read More
January 2017: CBS Atlanta Plugged In Kimberley Kennedy and Farm Star Mary talk farm fresh food and getting to know who is behind the food label.Read More
January 2017: Creative Loafing of Atlanta, GA features Mary, where she comes from, and where Farm Star Living has taken her!Read More
December 2016: Feature story on Farm Star MaryDelta Style features Mary Blackmon and profiles her journey in life and career.Read More
September 2016: Cover Story Farm Star Living is in the press for its trend-setting approach to promoting farms, farmers, fresh food and healthy living! Mary Blackmon, at its helm, is recognized here as an inspirational, passionate female entrepreneur and fourth-generation farmer.Read More
March 2016: CBS New York Farm Star Mary shows you how to use your space to grow the garden you want.Read More
January 2015: Country Woman Magazine Country Woman Magazine recently included Mary Blackmon in their "45 Amazing Women in Country" Anniversary Issue. See what they had to say about Mary and her passion for promoting farmers and launching the business Farm Star Living!Read More
Farm Star Living Events
VIDEO: Farm Star Living's Product Harvest 2017 Farm Star Mary shares the importance of Farm Star Living and food transparency with the media, taste-makers, bloggers, and foodies at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta.Read More
VIDEO: Mary Blackmon explains what Farm Star Living is about, as well as her inspiration behind the brand, and website!Read More
Featured Radio Mentions
January 2017 - Buckhead Business Channel Mary Blackmon chats about business and the upcoming event - Product Harvest 2017.Read More
January 2017 - Mara Davis and Mary Blackmon! Farm Star Mary talks with Atlanta Eats' Mara Davis about her business growth, farmer enpowerment, her passion & her upcoming event - Farm Star Living Product Harvest.Read More
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Farm Star Living Hatches Top 5 Easter Egg Hunts & Springtime Farm Fun
Farm Star Living Hatches Top 5 Easter Egg Hunts & Springtime Farm Fun
Farm Star Living Hatches Top 5 Easter Egg Hunts & Springtime Farm Fun
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Great must-have app!
Meet the Former Spa Expert turned FARMER
FARM STAR LIVING APP- a must download!
Farm Star Living App Delivers
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Meet Mary Blackmon, woman behind the innovative new biz & app Farm Star Living
The Dish on 6
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