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Right now, the Farm Star Living team is indulging in Starr Ranch Gala apples. Fragrant, juicy, and bright, this crisp red apple is perfect for our Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Parfait.

Our Watermelon Salsa recipe is a fun turn on the classic and uses watermelons from Melon 1, one of the oldest and largest watermelon shippers in the United States. Make an already festive condiment into a daring medley of spicy and sweet.

This is one of those go-to recipes that you'll recreate again and again! It's a light and fresh spin on the same old potato salad with the addition of homemade mustard dressing, asparagus, and parmesan cheese. Dig in!

Imagine the earthy, juiciness of Sunsweet’s D’Noir™ prunes smothered over the crispy on-the-outside and tender on-the-inside, amazing flavor of a pork tenderloin. We have! Make your next dine-in experience rich and savory with our D’Noir™ prune sauce and pork tenderloin recipe. Bon appetit!

Sunsweet's PlumSweets Snack Mix™ recipe is a healthier alternative to traditional mixes that use chocolate chips. This recipe is as savory as it is nutritious!

The JUICI™ from Starr Ranch Growers is a thinner-skinned apple with a texture similar to that of a Honeycrisp, offering a balance of sweet and tart. Use this sleek salad recipe for family gatherings or friendly get-togethers.

The Klondike Rose® potato is standing out with its rose-colored skin and smooth, buttery gold-colored flesh. It is our pick for this month’s cheesy oven bake!