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Love is truly in the air – and on the farm – this February! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's a favorite time of year for all of you hopeless romantics out there. We at Farm Star Living understand – and we want to help make your day of love as exceptional and special as you are!

The holiday season has arrived! It's time to choose the perfect Christmas tree for your home and we've hand-picked some of the most popular tree farms in the country! Check out our helpful tips to help you choose the perfect tree, too.

Did you know? Many farms actually offer educational programs that connect kids to nature and food, and encourage healthy eating habits. So, in honor of National Farm to School month, we’ve found some of these amazing farms that truly inspire and lead the “farm to school” charge.

Farm Star Living Founder Mary Blackmon recently spent a weekend in upstate New York, at Folwer Farms' apple orchard! Read about how she's falling for Fowler Farms' apples here...

Did you know that farming is one of the most dangerous professions that there is? While it's one of the most noble and rewarding career choices that we can possibly think of, there is a lot that farmers face daily, making just going to work hazardous in itself!

Now that school is finally out for the summer, it’s time to be with friends and family, traveling to new and exciting places and enjoying nature.

Farming is a way of life, and unpredictable and ever-changing weather can cause chaos for those who live that life. Heavy winds and rain, months-long droughts, extreme temperatures – all of these can ruin or delay growing seasons and cause a lot of extra expenses. All farmers hope to be able to grow and sell their crops, but what if Mother Nature doesn’t have the same plan?

We all know that Mother Nature can be a beast at times. Between changes in climate and crazy weather patterns, she can become the farming industry's enemy as quickly as she was once its ally. And don't even get us started about the (although sometimes kind of cute) animals that like to eat the growing produce!

Each New Year brings exciting trends that reel in the foodies and delight industry experts. 2016 will be no different as we begin to see the rise of new superfoods and a craving for more local and sustainable products. This year, we at Farm Star Living have done the fishing for you, and we’ve compiled a list of ten food trends to look out for in the upcoming year.

Who knew that you could step back in time and see what it was like to be a pilgrim? Or that you could have a Thanksgiving meal every day? And even take horse-drawn carriage rides and learn what it was like to be in the 19th century? We think these are wonderful unique ways to celebrate the season of Thanksgiving. So, buckle up those shoes and see what's in store for you!