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Looking for a great scare this Halloween? Whether you're looking for something fun and festive for the kids or something designed to scare you and your pals to pieces, there's a haunted farm perfect for you! These farms have been planning all year long to fill their haunted houses with horror, pack their corn mazes with zombies, and plan a full-out scare fest!

Farm Star Living has identified these 10 farms that offer something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Let's jump on that!

Get those kids out in the fields to learn, have fun and get to see these farm animals up close! Not only that, but they'll get to see where their food comes from and understand the world of farming better! These 7 farms offer something for all of the children, so read on and see what adventures await!  

Farm-fresh food is one of our passions here at Farm Star Living, and we love our farm to table restaurants! But what about food ON the farm? Sounds great to us! All of the dishes offered on these 7 farms are made with ingredients found right outside the door, so they’re fabulously fresh! Find one near you and get ready for some great food – and great fun!

As you could probably imagine, a big part of living or working on a farm is being outside. We farmers love the outdoors, and we want to bring that love to everyone else – farmer or not. So this month’s Farm Fun is all about fun outdoor activities! From hiking to snorkeling to milking goats, here are seven farms that do it all!

Ok, so you never milked a cow, but let's be honest. It would be pretty cool to do it at least once, right? At minimum to talk about at a cocktail party! For that matter, how envious your friends would be when you say that you bought it from a farm that you just visited. And you helped make it! How can that be, you ask?

Yep, that’s right - we’re talking ‘bout berries! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries - all berries, all the time! The first strawberries are ripe and ready for picking right now with the others soon to follow. What better way to know you’re getting the freshest, sweetest fruit than plucking them yourself? And what better way to fun way to spend a day on the farm. Read on for the juice on some of our favorite you-pick em’s.

Alpacas, llamas and sheep - Oh My! You’ll finally get the chance to thank those wooly creatures behind your favorite warm, soft, cuddly sweaters (and throws!) and see what they’re like up close and personal. Alpacas, llama and sheep are gentle, curious and fun animals that will just love to get close to you! Cuddle up and read on for a few farms you need to check out.

Who knew a farm could be a backdrop for a special romantic celebration? Whether you're looking for a Valentine's Day getaway or just a way to spend some quality time in an out-of-the-box romantic way – farm to table dinners, dances and even train rides, we have some suggestions for you!