People who’ve visited or lived on a farm know how beautiful and relaxing it can be… and even adventurous! During camping season, why not add a bit extra to the experience and stay on a farm?

What better way to experience all that spring has to offer than in one of nature’s playgrounds: farms! Celebrate longer days in these 5 fun farms that you’ll want to visit with friends and family.

Give the gift of experience using our list of eight farms that will kindle the flames of passion and awaken a joie de vivre.

Did you know? Many farms actually offer educational programs that connect kids to nature and food, and encourage healthy eating habits. So, in honor of National Farm to School month, we’ve found some of these amazing farms that truly inspire and lead the “farm to school” charge.

If you're like most of the Moms and Dads out there, they know that getting kids to eat healthy is an effort! We understand that introducing new things can be a challenge, but sometimes you just might be surprised! If you include some new items with some of their favorite ‘tried and true’, you might find that they’re more inclined to eat them!

The relatively new activity that's buzzing this summer is called "glamping." And what is it? It's glamorous camping, and it can even be in luxurious! This posh take on a typical camping experience is a huge hit, and it appears that 'glamping' is here to stay! This trend has become so popular, in fact, that it has now officially carved out its own piece of the "travel" segment, and people who were hesitant to camp are now jumping on the 'campwagon!' There are even 'glampsites' popping up in the most breath-taking, scenic places, and some more traditional destinations are even offering 'glamping' as a new amenity.  C'mon, let's glamp!